Back posting again, soil and hydro

Back growing after taking a break and enjoying the harvest from previous grows. Started back up in January with ILGM Chronic Widow in soil and a Lemon OG Kush bag seed. Also took a trip down hydro lane, cloned 2 ILGM CW and placed in DWC. Was having soo much fun with hydro that I made a small bubble cloner, and cloned 2 Lemon OG Kush.
Left is Lemon OG… Right Chronic Widow
Filling in screen during late veg

2 Chronic Widow clones in DWC
Bubble cloner with 2 Lemon OG
1 Chronic Widow clone in soil

Left 2 Chronic Widow clones in DWC
Right 2 Lemon OG Kush clones in DWC
Center Chronic Widow clone in soil

Left Lemon OG Kush in soil
Right Chronic Widow in soil
Start of week 2 bloom


It is with great sorrow that must inform everyone Lemon OG Kush was a male. As soon as I was 100% certain, the bastard was cut down and bagged along with its 2 clones. Now I have 6 more Chronic Widow clones going to take its place.
Chronic Widow 2nd wk flower

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Chronic widow 5th wk flower

Chronic Widow hydros veg

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Chronic Widow 8th wk of 12/12 soil

Chronic Widow 2nd wk 12/12 hydro

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Chronic Widow indoor soil cut down after 9wks flower

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Chronic Widow hydro 4th wk of flower

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Chronic Widow 9wks veg outdoors. Repotted into 25gal soil.

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