Back goes kack kic kack

I can do a trick. When I sit in my folding chair by the tent :tent: I can move my back a little bit and make my verabrates go kac-kic-kac. And I hear them move and feel them move above my failed fusion site T-5 -. L-1 L-2 VERY ODD. Fun at partires am I


lol, i bet people are like wtf is going on


thanks for sharing. I crack my knuckles and my bad knee. Thankfully not my spine.


Ouch :worried:.

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I had a C-5-6-7 acdf 3 years ago. Been in agony ever since. Was on Opioid Pain meds for 2 1/2 years. It has been the worst 3 years of my life. I was faced with the decision to continue Pain medication and quit Cannabis because of drug test from the pain doctor. 3 years of Dr appt after Dr appt. I also developed a severe right wing scapula as a result of nerve damage…….that I didn’t have prior to the surgery. My neck goes “criiiick, skkkkkk, errgghh,wooosnbd, and my right shoulder goes……”errrgghkkskkkskkwooskow”. So, I finally made the decision to stop the pain pill madness and go back to my cannabis. My pain never ever stops. It’s amazing that people have no idea what pain people go through after these failed surgeries…