Back from Vacation and starting 1st Grow

Unfortunately, my dads still in Covid isolation, so I’m still in Ohio. But my wife has learned to mix nutes, prune some leaves, and feeding different phase plants. And she’s been doing amazing! Today is Day 7 of Jacks Bloom + Epsom salt, and some pictures she took last night.

Veg Tent:

And Clone Mother looking ready to be trimmed back a bit


Dude, amazing setup! Godspeed to your parents, I had my time with the 'rona and don’t wish it on anyone. @Waz_Wolf

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Thanks a lot! @TKil0

I’m running back home tomorrow for the night to do some more in depth plant maintenance, and clean my res and pumps. I’m also going to transplant the clones to cups. A couple have really big root structures. Would it be better to transplant them into a bigger pot versus a solo cup? @Covertgrower

And I’m so excited! The girls have started to flower!


Larger pot would work better.

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It was a productive trip home. Heading to bed soon before the drive back to buckeye land. I got the res, pumps, and lines all cleaned and disinfected, and more nutrients mixed. Back to the standard 3-2-1 formula, but at full strength.

Base of 7-gal pots are about 8-10” above ground, and the plants are almost eye level with me (6’.)

I finished potting up seedlings into 1-gal pots.

Potted the clones with the largest root mass. I’ll keep a couple and give a couple away to a friend. A couple went into 3-gal and a few fit into 1-gal. The rest should be fine for solo cup transfer when I get back Tuesday. When I will need to start topping seedlings and putting them into cloner. I figure it doesn’t cost much to at least get cuttings into solo cups, so why not practice while I’m new.

And my clone mom doesn’t seem to want to stay small. I have her top in the cloner, so maybe I’ll try again to keep a small mom and move her to the veg tent in a week or two.


I get to pick my dad up from the hospital tomorrow, and run my mom to a couple of appointments, then I get to head home for good. :crossed_fingers:t2:

My wife noticed some discoloration in the veg tent. Should I make an adjustment to the light or her nutrients?

The plants in the flower room seem to be doing well!

The 650’s are at 515 watts and 532, respectively and a little close on the right side. I plan to adjust the lights up a bit when I get home. The Jacks is coming out like 1200-1350 ppm, so I don’t think it will be a problem to continue turning up the lights. :sunglasses:


One other thing my wife noticed is the difference in the section between the 2 650’s. There is a gap of about 18-24” space between the two lights, and the plants in that area haven’t set buds like the rest. I’m going to measure lux across the canopy when I get home.

I’m wondering if I would benefit from adding some sort of supplemental light to fill that area and even out light penetration. @dbrn32 @Hellraiser How many watts and what size do you think would be beneficial? Would a 300r be way too much for the space? Or maybe 2-qb288?


I would probably just try tightening up spacing between fixtures a little first.

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Perhaps moving the lights a little closer and higher up and running some more watts can even up the coverage, if not, can always throw a 260 rspec in the there.

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I’m finally starting to get caught up in my grow room. It’s been a bit overwhelming how much they’ve grown. Lights are now turned up just past the notch.

Priscilla: hard to tell where she is relative to her bigger sisters.


And my runt Trixie:

I also trimmed up my clone mom and stretched her out a bit:

My veg tent is packed, but a friend is taking a bunch of clones this weekend.

4 of the 5 seedlings have been topped once, with the two largest plants getting everything below cleaned off.

And I added a second barrel to increase nutrient capacity.


My veg tent is taking shape, and possibly lining up well. The top I took from my clone mom rooted and has been potted. She will now be the mom, so Felicity got potted and moved to veg tent. That gives me three clones to move to flower when the first harvest is done.

That should allow my seedlings to be topped for 8 main colas before going into flower. Also have veg watering system finished. Just need to mount timers and drill lid.