Back from Vacation and starting 1st Grow

I just got back from vacation, so it’s time to put things to the test and start my first grow. For those I haven’t talked with, I have never really done any planting or gardening. However, I’m OCD with research and efficiency, so this should be a fun journey! :jack_o_lantern:

4 Wedding Cake fem seeds are soaking as of 20 minutes ago.

Picks of indoor setup from prior thread:

I will be using a blurple Amazon light for the seedlings, and then switch on the HGL 650r when they are ready.

As for planting the seeds, should I soak or just moisten the root root cubes before dropping the sprouted seed in the center hole? Also, how far away should I have the blurple light from the top of the seedling dome, and for how long per day?



Nice setup, good luck with the grow :v:


Yes. Nice setup. Good luck as far as the root cubes i know u soak them til they expand i believe squeeze them out then put seed in. Might wanna wait for someone else who uses them i go strait to final pots with mine

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Yeah same here I read about too many issues with overwatering so I never used the cubes.


Very cool setup. I’m not 100% sure how the hydroponic system works. Seems like your reservoir is outside. The pots sit on the top container and run off goes to the bottom trays? Your cutoff valves will be very nice down the road. Would love if you elaborated on how the hydroponics system works as a whole.

I see a lot of people hook up their filters at the start. You could disconnect it and store it in a cool dry place until the smell arises. This would prolong its life and save money down the road.

Other thing I would entertain is a water leak detector. I’m just doing DWC buckets but I plan to buy a cheap water leak - leak bug off Amazon. Cheap solution for knowing if you got a leak. Depending on how big your reservoir is, knowing when you got a leak could be a good thing.

Good luck, I’ll be watching.


Hey @OhHeyThere Thanks! When I was researching different ways to grow indoors, I stumbled onto
There’s a whole series of tutorials pretty much building the system I have. It was a pretty simple process.

I did a flow test today before wetting the seeds. I need to raise my trays a bit for better drainage. I am growing in ME cocolite. 1- gal plastic ultimately up to 7 - gal fabric pots. I won’t auto water until they reach 3 - gal pots.


@SKORPION with these styles of cubes, you could overwater them, however, these drain better than the compressed peat pellets.

@Waz_Wolf you can soak in a 200 ppm nutrient solution of veg. Any beneficial bacteria/fungi product you can add to to it as well.


Thanks for the advice @Covertgrower! I have a HoneForest TDS EC meter and apera ph pen, so I should be able to accomplish that.


All 4 seeds popped this afternoon, so they we sprinkled with Azos and put into Root Riot pods. The pods were soaked in 200 ppm GH Micro, Grow, and Bloom (weakened week 1 strength), 6.0 ph, and a dash of Mammoth P.

Pods were squeezed slightly and left alone for about 3 hours before seeds went in. I guess we’re off! :heart_eyes:

Blurple Exlenvce 1200w Light went on at 21:30 EST currently 18” above the plastic dome.



Just started me 6 seeds in naps. 3 auto 3 bag seed. Cant wait to start them in the right conditions with the good lights

It’s exciting! I’m pining to fire up the HGL 650r, but I know that will take a little bit. I turned it on in the tent before plants went in, and I think I can add to my tan right now.:heart_eyes:

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Obviously first grow jitters, so here’s an update T+ 3 hours. :man_facepalming:

My 4x4 tent currently has AC Infinity T4 exhaust and S4 intake for venting. Upon some research and advice from an earlier thread, I decided to upgrade exhaust to a T6 eventually. As fate would have it I was tweaking my tent and damaged the probe jack on the controller of my T4… T6 controller is hooked up, but I’m waiting for 6” filter to hook 6” fan up.

Humidity looked low, so I sprayed mist nute solution inside of the dome.

I can already see an additional veg tent in the future, so I’ll repair port on T4 controller and use it for exhaust in eventual expansion. However, I will only passively intake that tent… I promised the wife, until tangible success!


Lookin good setting to watch the only thing I’d add is 1 mg of mr fulvic to your feeds(scientificly proven to increase yield be up to 20 % here’s a basic Article the study is a pdf I can’t link. ) best of luck mate.

I thought the General Hydroponics Floralicious added humic and fulvic acids? Maybe that’s only the Floralicious Plus version? Hmm :thinking:

Regular Floralicious has 2% humic acid, but no fulvic acid.

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Nice find. Do you happen to have a link to the nutrient data? Especially for all of General Hydroponics brand solutions. I was trying to find it myself but couldn’t find it unfortunately.

I do/did not. At this point I’m using the Fora Trio, Armor Si, and basic Floralicious from GH, Botincare Cal-Mag, Mammoth P, Ezos, and WykosWP. I can post a picture of any of the labels.

No worries posting labels you are good. I’m sure I can find images of labels on the internet if need be. I appreciate it. I’m just surprised it wasn’t easier to find the nutrient data from General Hydroponics website.

I seem to be having trouble getting the humidity up in my seed tray.

I have a small misting humidifier going, I added some distilled water to the tray underneath plants, and spray inside of the dome twice per day.

Root riots are still moist to the touch. Any advice to raise humidity?


Looks like you are already using one but when I use germination heat mat it raises humidity to 80% within the dome if I keep all the dome vents closed.

You could also put a bowl of water within the dome on the heat mat. I haven’t tried this but I imagine it would add humidity without add liquid to your root rooters.