Back for year 2 mimosa bagseed and a cheese auto

So I’m back again for the 2nd year this time I have a mimosa

from a bagseed topped about a week ago but planted before christmas because i was bored and cheese auto which i started on the 15th of March and she popped her little head out on the 20th of March and this is her now mimosa is going to be my outdoor and hopefully I will be getting my light in the next 2 weeks for my cheese


I just finished a beautiful auto cheese from growers choice. Went 84 days. Good luck


As soon as I see cheese I wanted it and thank you hope mine looks half as good as yours

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Not a lot going on at the mo got a few days decent sun coming so hopefully will see some real difference but here are my babys now mimosa

and my cheese auto

What a difference 3 days sun can make

I have just tested my runoff and I belive it to be very low it was 102.2 can someone advise please growing in soil nothing added yet thanks

Just a quick questionthis is my mimosa

my leaves look like leather it is in a mix of coco and soil shes not had any food just some banana water after transplant to a bigger pot I have just flushed with plain water and my ppm come out at 1268 and my ph is at 6.8 and this is my cheese auto which I think looks fine done everything the same can someone please fill me in on whats going on thanks