Back Baby it's been awhile


Lol my ladies are in shed so I pack 6 5 gal buckets of water out every 4-5 days they sit for several days before use but ph is usually spot on after adding nutes. To fill said buckets with RO would take me a day or 2 but I have a 5 stage system and slightly low water pressure so it takes longer than it should


I debated garden hose RO unit last summer but my rain water was like giving my ladies steroids so quickly changed my mind


Im looking for some large autos for outdoors in the spring. Building a spot to make fem seeds. So trying to buy a few differnt strains to try.


@Usmcjojo do u have some that were larger plants good producers. Big!! I need a sativa dom. i like and indica dominate i wanna make beans from them fairly soon here


@Familyman420 sorry I haven’t gotten back with you brother been a little busy around here can’t wait until my kids go back to school tomorrow. Just kidding but seriously my wife and I need a tiny break every now and again :wink: My advice bro is get whatever strain you want just don’t be afraid to train it I train all my autos and they grow massive nugs. All plants need to be trained or they will have poor flower production period. I have a white widow auto grow posted on here somewhere. I topped and bent all those autos except for one most people get poor yields from autos because they are afraid to manipulate the plants. Yet some training is necessary in order to achieve the results most growers are looking for.


Check out the ladies growth over a 2 day period first up is Amnesia (in my best DJ voice)

Next to the stage the lovely Whurkle


Wow!!! Awesome growth you have there! Looking good as always


EXPLOSIVE GROWTH!!! looking great @Usmcjojo


Going to graft tonight!!! My stuff just got here going to do a transfer graft to see how cannabis reacts to grafting. Going to move one branch of the whurkle to the amnesia and vice versa just to see if it takes.


Between you and @Donaldj doing all this grafting I wish my Dad was around to see it!


Thank you and I wish he was too I would love to pick his brain. So much knowledge has been lost through the generations. @SmoknGranny


Awesome I have had 1 sure success and plenty of fails latest is still a 50/50 1 strain failed for sure but other 2 are still in the running the one that failed was dried out bag wasn’t secure enough haven’t peaked at other 2 yet but they still look green through bag


That’s so very true and so sad. So many tried & true crafts from sewing to growing are becoming things of the past.
I also think my Dad would be picking your brain :brain: as he loved learning and debating ideas.


@Donaldj I was just looking at that they look good your plant material look semi Woody already. Difficult to take cuttings from semi Woody in your area since the humidity is very low and it would be difficult to keep it from drying out. Try a softer younger plant material and see if that helps with your success rate.


will be trying that way I figure if I can get some to take just a matter of figuring out what worked


I’m about to try my luck


Well that sucks I got over zealous my ladies aren’t ready yet going to give them 2 more weeks of vertical growth and we will try again. So basically I just stopped both plants…SMH don’t worry we will try again.


But there is still good news I got my raspberry boogie seeds in.


Got to excited I knew they weren’t ready but oh well you live and learn. The branch that is connected to the root stock has to have some girth to withstand being cut into. If not you will split your stem if you are in doubt. Give yourself at lest an inch from the next node so that if it does start to split you can 45 the cut and count yourself lucky.


Seed bank pictures…still need my 4 strains from ilgm.