Back Baby it's been awhile


Looking good @Usmcjojo What are those things called you use to keep your bent branches down?


They are looking great @Usmcjojo I was wondering the same thing as @AnneBonny about those things holding the plants down! :green_heart: :seedling:


@FreakyDeekie @AnneBonny it’s plant training wire that I got at Lowe’s for 3.00 I use a lot each roll comes with 50ft that’s my third pack lol.


Best find I’ve seen in awhile @Usmcjojo! I used copper wire because it’s what I had laying around. This is the next best thing.


@Covertgrower lol that’s what I was doing at first then I ran out of scrap wire made a run to Lowe’s and found these been using them ever since.


How deep down in the soil do they need to be to hold the branches down @Usmcjojo. I had all kinds of paperclips hooked into the sides of cloth pots with those little plant wire thingys but it got crazy with all the clips and tying. Very cool!


Thanks brother @FreakyDeekie about 4-6 inches sometimes 8 if the plant is pulling.


You didn’t know it but @FreakyDeekie is a “sister” :hugs:


LOL @SmoknGranny, that I am!! Thanks for the info though @Usmcjojo, if I ever get to grow again I am going to get some of that. It’s gotta be easier than all of those paperclips and ties!!!


@FreakyDeekie lol so sorry… you should definitely get this clipping to the pot makes it hell to feed. Watering and feeding is still a challenge but you still have access to the outer edge of the soil. Thanks @SmoknGranny I appreciate the heads up lol.


Well assumptions aside lol I fed the ladies no bending today


Ok, one more dumb question @Usmcjojo. Guessing the wires don’t damage the roots??


I haven’t had any issues @FreakyDeekie but I am cautious. I place them in gently if I feel resistance I choose another spot.


Not sure how or why it looks like I haven’t been here. Plants look great, your room looks great too!


Looking all good bro👍


One more can’t help it and thanks @MattyBear @dbrn32


@Usmcjojo hope you had great holidays. Was wondering if you’ve ever grown any of these “super autos” or the XXL autos? Specifically think differnt, or think big? But really any would do? Trying to pick someones brain a bit, before i start a little seed breeding project.


I have a similar RO unit under my sink use it mainly for starting favor rain water and my tap ppm is 120’s so not needed really


@Familyman420 I have grown huge autos not those strains though…what’s the question brother I got you.


@donaldj yeah we have high calcium content in our water because our city uses an aquifer. This thing took me from 232 to 15ppm love it and I don’t have to gas it or add other chemicals to remove the chlorine and chloramine.