Back Baby it's been awhile


New toy and built a screen


@Usmcjojo i invested in that very meter and really like it!


@MattyBear awesome bro I’m really excited and as for your question I’m to high to give you an educated awnser so I leave you with “Yes?”


@BIGE seems like you have my problem we like shiny things.


for sure @Usmcjojo like a old crow!!


So I bent the ladies last night and I sprayed them with photo+ today is microbe day I add Zeus juice Herculean and Aphrodite to feed all my microbes. Which will be coming from the foliar spray of the + along with the soil drenching of recharge which I will feed with my nectar nutes.


And this is my version of nectar that I run the only additives that I run that aren’t nectar are the chloramine elimination, recharge, and photo+.

I no longer use the mega Morpheus I did a grow with and without and there was no discernible comparison between them both had great yields,appearance, taste, and smell.


My Apera meter arrived yesterday and I just used it LOVE IT! Can’t wait to see how your grow goes. Good stuff here.


Hey I feel the same as you with the defoliation of select fan leaves. I actually have done that to both of my OG Kush and give them both time to recover they will bounce back like nothing happened. I did that to my grow of white widow and I think I got pretty good yields for autos. Respectively this is what I got

Light air to the bottom of the plant I know and believe you will improve harvest

Check out my grow of OG Kush and see me take major leaves from her and seems like next day she bounced back


Happy new year :tada: everyone


looking great @Usmcjojo


And a Happy New Year to you :tada: Looking good :+1:. Is that your pic emoji or whatever it’s called? :crazy_face:. Finals behind you (I know you did great!) and you were able to start a beautiful Grow. What’s next?


@SmoknGranny lol no mam that’s kaye West dressed as Conway twitty “Kanye twitty” thank you for asking I ended up with 4As and 1B how did your grandson fair. Thanks for the compliment I don’t know what I would be doing if it wasn’t for these plants. Oh and also bent whurkle and amnesia some more.


LOL I’m so out of it. I’m stuck in the 70’s :crazy_face:!
Bravo :clap:t2: on your grades. I’m waiting for a report on my nephew but I’m sure like you that he did great. It’s only been his first semester at Purdue and his first time living away from home.
Your ladies are looking awesome and I appreciate your posting your notes as well as the pictures. I’m trying to pay attention to it all🙂


A little update


Thanks for the closeups :+1::nerd_face:


@MattyBear you and my plants have convinced me white light is the way to go Amnesia is just taking off she has responded well to the bending and trimming. The microbes are doing wonders for my plants love that recharge. Can’t wait for my R/O system to be installed tomorrow no more calcium issues due to hard water.


Here’s a side by side of how the defoliated plants look compared to the ones that are just bent. Full disclosure I top all my photos.


A whole lot happened today i transplanted Seemango and Girl Scout cookies both autos. Bent all the plants ohh and I almost forgot got another cheap cob.


Christmas came late but hello 28ppm water no more 232ppm from the tap.