Back Baby it's been awhile


Yes as long as it’s a clean cut and you do it at the same time you want it
to be fresh so that they heal closed together not heal separately.


Busy week finals sorry I haven’t been posting still tweaking the room.


Best of luck with your finals. I’m pretty sure you will ace them :+1::grimacing:


Sorry it’s been a while but I’m still not done with my finals. Just went ahead and transplanted in the forever homes and rearranged some stuff. The ladies without tags are ilgm White widow autos and the gal with the post is Whurkle.


@Usmcjojo,what kind of light do you have in tent?
everyone is looking great!
i know you’ll be glad to get finals done!


Ain’t that the truth…it’s a 900w vipar with only veg on @BIGE


Good day today took a final today 4 more to go…that’s not the best part I finally received my seeds today from that other seed bank none of my bonus seeds but I expected that. I did receive everything I ordered nothing was damaged the problem was misleading marketing. The bank claims to be in the US which might be true. However they purchase seeds from overseas so your seeds come from over seas. Which is explained nowhere or ever mentioned on their website or through email. The issue is deception which is unnecessary all of us that grow will wait for good genetics if you tell us it’s coming from the other side of the world. If you tell me your in Colorado 2 months is unacceptable. So needless to say I won’t use them ever again but I did get what I ordered so it’s not all bad.


Updated menu


that is a nice and long menu @Usmcjojo
sorry about the troubles where was that?
i’ve used only two banks thus far ilgm and S supreme.
both were good transactions…


It’s was B** Aroma I’ve used the two banks you mentioned and S**S here NW all those are great banks. The other would be ok if they were just up front and honest.


I just ran across the “B” yesterday so thanks for the thumbs up :+1:



Having some soil issues with my light warrior but I figured it out and the ladies are recovering. I have Pineapple Express auto on the mat in a paper towel right now.


Awesome. Now how are you doing with your finals?


@SmoknGranny thanks for asking just one more class left my propagation final and I’m done until Jan 10


Great :+1: and I know you will ace it. Nephew @ Purdue is finishing his first University finals this week. I think :thinking: he’s adjusting well. So I felt as Smokn Granny I should check on you also :hugs:


Thanks granny I really appreciate it


Whats up @Usmcjojo. So im new well with in last 6mnths to ILGM, i read your intro. Thc helps me with very simular thing. And im running NOTG in s.s., hope you dont mind if i tag along, since you caught my attention since im trying to figure out the NOTG line, living soil and feeding my soil (microbes)
Im assuming your a vet? Thank you. The man who raised me is a Vietnam vet usmc, he is a good man. Anyways i always try to give thanks since ya’ll dont hear it enough in my opion.


Welcome brother I appreciate it yes sir I am a USMC Iraq and Afghanistan veteran. Cannabis has helped me tremendously. The president of the company is a huge fan of veterans. He has helped me out with product information sent me some cool sticker’s and even sent me a bottle of kraken because I asked him about it. Even let me interview him for a school project. Great guy even better product it has made my smoke taste beyond compare. Ask any questions I know I still do that’s how we grow and that’s how we make our medicine amazing!! @familyman420


Gave my girls a little microbe boost help build strong roots used: Zeus juice, Aphrodite extraction, recharge, photosynthesis plus, and chlorine/ chloramine eliminator.


@Usmcjojo . i have to agree the smell and taste of NOTG fed meds is simple beautiful. I am having a re-occurring issue with i guess supersoil. At the mid to late flower of last wwa i started getting purple stems and some small twisted leaves, a few brown or orangish spots. Anyways i assumed it was a lock out of sorts bc it was almost harvest and i was feeding heavy and giving them extra molassas in every watering, so i flushed them heavy and gave some great white and didnt think about it again. Now my new grow of wwa is about 20days since broke ground, and im noticing a few purplish stems starting already. So when i made this batch of aoil i was low on $ and out of time so it only “cooked” 2wks and had only basics in it. Compost, blood n bone meal, insect frass, azomite and bio-live. Wetted it down with half fishtank water and half wheelbarrow comp. Tea i make. Any ideas? Ill know better if its that batch bc i have plants started in some differnt organic soil i bought then ammended real good and a few plants in a differnt batch of ss that was made the way i normally make it.