Back Baby it's been awhile


I’m a Mommy,lol! But thank you…I’m very proud of my babies :revolving_hearts:


sorry i’ve been busy with school all my girls have sprouted i have them under the 900w@22" for some reason these ladies love the extra light i knew the WWA loved the light but didn’t expect that from the other 2. I will update some more pictures today.




Welcome back @Usmcjojo. I’ve been hanging around since May and so have seen your name in some of the older threads I have gone through! Anyway, hope you don’t mind me following along. I only have one grow under my belt but hoping for another come February! Good luck and looking forward to your grow, I am especially interested in grafting, have never done it before but buy a few every year from the local greenhouse which features our university’s AG department grafted tomatoes :green_heart: :seedling:


No problem pull up a chair I started like you now I have an associates in horticulture and I’m finishing my bachelor’s degree in soil science this fall. So can’t wait as for the grafting this is my first time grafting cannabis so we will see how that goes and going to do some air layering as well. Feel free to ask any questions.


Grafting on cannabis? Like splicing in a branch? @Usmcjojo


What I’m going to do is top both plants use one top to take clones and the other top is going to be grafted on to the opposite plant. So that I can theoretically have two types of bud on one plant. It’s going to be a simple v notch graft.


Are there any products used to make this happen or is it just a simple splice and tape it together kind of thing? I would love to try this FrankenPlant method, what are the benefits, and purpose? @Usmcjojo


This is gonna be fun to watch


Well if I’m successful it will allow me to graft on to established root stock and build a bigger stronger plant off of something I compost regularly. Sorry I was in a rush my intent is that when I finish an auto and chop it instead of composting it I can use at as root stock to establish a new plant without having to grow roots. A way of recycling.


It is a simple cut and slice but they have to be precise cuts on tissue that is mature but not to mature there must still be some pliability in your cuttings. The hardest part is ensuring that there is no air gaps or moisture hitting the wound site. You can seal it with wax or thin plastic grafting tape. The process is like doing surgery patience is the key.


Sorry guys not to much going on today big updates tomorrow though. Just got some Amazon goodies in going to show you grow room version 7 LOL. Until then here is a picture of a hibiscus tree I grafted a while back one of my first. I grafted different color varieties on to each other so it looks like a bouquet of flowers.


Hey buddy, I have been reading up some on grafting techniques. Do you have a preference for cannabis bud grafting? Which type grafting might be more successful for a newbie?


Yeah I went to school for it still going to school online until I
officially transfer to Oregon State. I learned and practiced alot on
different plants. The first one I’m going to try is a v notch to the main
steam. It’s simple and has a high rate of success. I might get fancy and
try other grafting techniques but that’s after I’m successful.


The thing about grafting is that it’s unforgiving just like transplant surgery. If you don’t have the right equipment ie… sharp, blade, some wax or grafting tape. If your equipment isn’t sterile and the wound doesn’t stay airtight and moist and those pieces don’t fit perfectly together then their is a big chance the grafts won’t take. Thats why they do more than one graft.


I am studying it. What diameter should the stems be?


The stems should look identical in width what your looking for is rigidity that’s what is most important. If the plant material is to rigid it will split too pliable and it will snap. It needs to have a mixture of both like a mature sapling that’s what your looking for then find the matching diameter on what ever plants you are using. If your root stock is rigid that’s okay but just be careful with splitting. Tie off the plant at your end incision mark to prevent splitting.


Fascinating. My Dad used to graft citrus trees in Florida as a hobby. We had an old sour orange with lemons, tangerines, navel oranges and a few others. Your plans with MJ is intriguing to me :+1:.
PS: My Dad was a self taught person and it took him many attempts before he was happy with his results.


so I have several ladies ready to cut down in next week or so. Will keeping the main stem of one after harvest and trying to graft to it be worth trying?