Back Baby it's been awhile


@Usmcjojo sorry to hear about your experience with another seed company, I’ve only used two seed banks, both I’ve had fortunate success with. It would be great to figure out which seed banks to stay away from before ordering.


Maybe people should create a list of banks to stay away from there are list of good banks but not bad. ???


@Mikos mentioning competing seed banks directly would be a violation of forum policy.


patients spanky! lol


@Usmcjojo what’s up buddy glad to see you back


@Hogmaster it’s good to be back brother


@Covertgrower you are one hundred percent correct. All I can say is that it is two words on starts with a b and the other starts with an a either way my advice is to run a google search on any seed bank and use your best judgment. I learned the hard way.


Appreciate that @Usmcjojo I’ll do some googling and see what I find. :wink:


yeah this company says its in denver but its not just a scam


I didnt mean directly on here i ment maybe someone should make or start to make a list of good and bad or even a website that you can leave your bad experiences for others to make there own choice. @Covertgrower


@BIGE if you’ve read any of my journals you would know that I have very little lol.


Okay guys so look who decided to join us this morning whurkle is Still being lazy but I’ll give her some time before I start losing patience lol.


Whurkle better not keep me waiting to long or else.


Lol been 30 days since I ordered seeds fortunately the order was to add to genetics not to get me started I would find it frustrating for sure otherwise. My extractor is tied up in customs as of latest tracking notice wouldn’t surprise me to have it turned around at border with all the recent policy changes local seed sales are shut down government flexing before they legalize this summer. We actually have a court case going which may prevent provinces from monopolizing sales outlets.


She’s just being fashionably late to make a statement. Bet she turns out to be the belle of the ball @Usmcjojo


You are absolutely right it always turns out that way LOL.


lol,great minds are just impatient @Usmcjojo!
i’m the same way!


We have some new additions to the family little bit of stretch but it must be genetics my lights are at 22” and my temps are 75. My humidity is 55 so I’m not worried I’ll take care of it on the transplant.


The two spots in front are some ligm wwa


Awesome welcome to the world little gals! Congrats on being a daddy @Usmcjojo :upside_down_face: