Back Baby it's been awhile


Okay so yesterday at 15:45 I placed one WHURKLE and one AMNESIA into cups. With a little Zeus juice. Supposedly its supposed to help faster germination but we will see.:face_with_monocle:




Hell yeah Amazon delivered my goodies just in time. I got some recharge and chlorine eliminator. It’s supposed to remove chloramine as well for those lazy days. When it’s to cold or wet to go outside and get from my outside rez. That I created to catch my ac runoff.


Ok so I moved from cups to paper towels not much a difference using the zues juice. So maybe next time I’ll just save it for feedings.


@Usmcjojo congrats on the degree bro!!! I will be following along as usual, and learning from the best in horticulture!!! Can’t wait to see those babies grow up into big beauties!


I’ll be following along @Usmcjojo


Thanks @AmnesiaHaze @Covertgrower it’s good to be back trying to put my degree to use lol. Going to be doing a scrog some grafting and air lairing so should be fun.


That’s great bro! Can’t wait to learn from you. @Usmcjojo :+1:


Hopefully we can learn from each other…you have any grows going?


Going to be using nectar for the God’s Greek line with the addition of Triton’s trawl. With some recharge and photosynthesis plus.


I’ve heard good things about photosynthesis plus and mammoth P. The NFG nute line is pretty good, a lot of members here are switching to it with decent results so far. I’m considering it also. @Usmcjojo


Yeah I’ve been using it for 5 grows now I love it especially with the photo p the Triton’s really does enhance flavor and smell. Overall I like the line it’s been good to me so far.


I may have to give it a try. I’m just a skeptic. Haha @Usmcjojo


This was my last grow using nectar (forgot to mention those are 6ft pvc pipes)


Image did load @Usmcjojo


Lol thanks.


Just placed the whurkle and amnesia in soil with some recharge.


Now the waiting begins


Lessons learned I’ve Never had to send one of these emails to ILGM. Not going to name the bank because it’s not worth it but looks like I’m out 120 dollaz.

" Where are my seeds you received my money on the 27 of October it is now the 24th of November never have I waited this long or dealt with such an un organized company. Please refund my money or ship out my seeds by the 25 of November. If you do not I will be forced to contact my bank and file fraud proceedings. I have notified an attorney and have been made aware of my options. Just do what you promised as I have been patient and paid you money in good faith. I’m sorry you are having growing pains as a company but that’s not my problem. Send me my seeds or refund my money."


Basically I was given 2 separate shipping dates both have came and left. Even changed my order to accommodate shipping because one item was not in stock. Still no seeds a bunch of excuses now radio silence…SMH well lessons learned and on the first I’m gonna get some Skywalker and the auto mix from ilgm.