Back Baby it's been awhile


Whurkle is doing great she even seems hungry going to feed her again tomorrow.


Filling out nicely brother


Out of likes, but I agree! Looking great


Here is a side shot.


So I got high and fed the ladies also gave them a haircut they are looking great. No signs of stress


Really impressed with the whurkle I think splitting the stem really stressed her out in a good way. She is getting frosty and starting to stack nicely. I REALLY DON’T RECOMMEND SPLITTING THE STEM. It was an accident and a near heart attack lol.


lol,you have them in a mini skirt! lol
looks good @Usmcjojo


Hey bro
I wanted to stop by and say hello
Hope you sint mind me recommending people tag you if using the nectar line
I only used it once and figured you use the complete line so can probably assist-with much better info lol
Anyway looking great bro
Have a great day and ine Vet to another
Thanks fir your service
I salute you bro


They look great! Do u grow photos with autos? I had a few questions about doing that.


Looks great brother.


Sorry Ive been away guys it has been a little chaotic to say the least. I have uploaded a new nectar FAQ that I’m working on with product descriptions and a little how to. Her are the ladies you have been waiting for.


If your wondering what happened to my autos i cultivate them as appetizers until my photos are done so I harvest as I go so that my photos stay untouched. My state is not cannabis friendly and I refuse to buy from a dealer so I cannabalize my autos until my photos are done. The quality isn’t great but I’m not growing them for enjoyment I grow them as band aids until my real medicine is done. Take a look at my poor SEEMANGO that is slowly being pillaged lol.


This is a good point :+1:… Why to buy bad stuff when you have your own :v:


Ive been known to do the same thing @Usmcjojo
Fir the same reasons lol all good bro I refuse to. Buy also and grow autos in between the photos


I tend to keep 1/4oz of everything I grow stored for variety samples and testing to remind me which strains have which tastes and profile. Kinda like bottled memories


When we moved the mother in law was finding bags and vials of oil everywhere my explanation I hide things even from myself



Looking sticky @Usmcjojo


Looking good brother. Some nice colas :v:


Looking happy :joy: