Back Baby it's been awhile


they sure are @Usmcjojo


That is quite a seed storage. VA finally gave ya something worthwhile


I have a ton more growth under my net than you have but I’m having a hard time wanting to pull anything with pistils :thinking::fearful: I feel like this should have been done in veg, maybe early flower. I’m three weeks in… is it too late to remove a bunch? If not, how much should I take?

This is about the max I’ve pulled in the last week, and only a few.


@GreenThunder I do and continue to kill buds that don’t get light but I do this through out the grow if your plant is strong and healthy go ahead if you’ve had issues or she was a difficult grower I wouldn’t.


Today’s lady pics.


All of that stuff is why I own an extractor I leave it if it isn’t effecting my plants growth and dry it with my sugar leaves to make oil with


Lol @Donaldj has a great point I mainly use my plants for smoke if you make hash or concentrates leave all that on. @GreenThunder


Ok… so… leaving the under growth won’t really effect the plant’s growth but just won’t get big or have any kind of bulk? Maybe I’ll do one and compare them… :thinking:


So this happened I made a mistake didn’t realize how Woody my material was and she split down the stem as I was trying to push the stakes down a little. I was horrified wrapped her in grafting wax tape and prayed. She isn’t showing any stress right now… The picture is day 2 I will upload day 3 tonight and let you guys know.


I think you did exactly what you needed to do. Good luck and keep us posted. Really hoping that she heals perfect for you. Maybe she will throw on some extra trichomes for the stress?
Just as a little food for thought when I broke a nice main branch on one of my girls I put honey on the branch (idea taken from this forum) stuck in back together and then wrapped the branch in cling wrap. It lived just fine and all the way till harvest. I’d like to believe yours will do the same. Good luck!


@neckNflu thanks I appreciate the info and good vibes.


She should make it. You know how versatile these plants are.


Now thats the truth, @Dieselgrower. I’ve learned that over my last two or three grows myself. These plants are amazing in so many different ways.
You complete one grow and you’re hooked for life. Have a nice morning.


That would certainly cause me to panic but it looks like you handled it perfectly. :sunglasses: Thank you for sharing so we know what to do if it happens to us :v::green_heart:


Thanks everyone the key is to use something that has some wax to it or something that can create an air tight seal but allow the wound to retain moisture. So wax tape, honey with duct tape, or any other sterile combination. Some are better than others the key is to remain calm and act fast. I also don’t think it hurt that I had just finished giving them Demeter’s, Aphrodite’s, Herculean, zues, recharge, manmoth-p, and photosynthesis plus.


Hey brother, got a question for you about NFTG nutes. Do you cut out any supplements in flower? I know all the regiments call to use most of the bottles in flower, but was curious to what you do. Thanks bro, and good job on the fix!


You can’t really cut out products on the line but you can sub them for other products in the line that have a lower nitrogen count. For example you could cut out Medusa and Athena’s then replace them with Triton’s, and kraken. @MattyBear


Also once my buds have finished the stretch I cut out adding bloom chaos. @MattyBear


Thanks man! Just trying to figure this nute line out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I’ll just continue my modified Greek regiment and see how she finishes up.


No problem brother.