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Your two schools of thought are actually the same not all genetic traits can be seen or present themselves to be seen but they are there lying dormant. Think of it this way just like the Deadpool movie wade always had the genetic mutation it was the stress that brought it out. So this means if your plant carries that genetic trait that even the slightest stress will cause that trait to kick in. So even lst could cause the genetic mutation but not all seeds from this plant will carry the gene that’s why seeds from the same lot will not have this trait. This is all just my theory though. @dbrn32 @Dieselgrower


Couldn’t agree more. Some strains more likely to carry the trait, some seeds will carry trait, of the seeds that do carry it, some will show it easier.


@Dieselgrower I grew THC bomb, and had foxtails also. I think it’s just genetics. Just about when you think she’s done… BAM! Then she throws more out, and bulks a bit more. My first grow didn’t have any heat issues.
I have two more clones from it, and are growing currently. @dbrn32


They oughta really like you this go around haha!


The ladies are doing great responding well to 12/12


Looks like my girl scout cookie auto is a genetic runt. Still looking forward to sampling her buds.


The genetics have changed in a huge way just like weed in genral everyone as wanting there own atleast u know what you are getting and you know what goes in and there conditions from start to finish. But i think you are on to something about the genetics i also think that because of all the tampering in labs etc to create all these knew and potent strains. I have heard and seen foxtails but what is the big deal about them i dont understand what the deal is. Especially if you can still smoke it or whatever you do with it.


@mikos it has no effect what so ever on a home grower foxtails effect the commercial industry. They kill yield and potency and they don’t fit the profile of a normal looking bud so it’s harder for them to sell. To us normal folk it really doesn’t matter unless you only grew one plant.


Is that a fastbud gsc auto? I have one of those going and it is ridiculous with growth.


Yeah actually @Dieselgrower it is


If you want I’ll tag you in on mine. Yours looks more compact than mine. Shorter and bushier.


Thanks bro



So I went to the VA and they gave me a pill organizer. I love it came in handy think I’m gonna ask for more.


Hahahaha that’s awesome bro! Hope things are well on your end!


have you tried the acid dough yet @Usmcjojo ?
i’ve seen it and passed it up before.
are those from ripper?


@BIGE yes they are from ripper and I haven’t grown it yet that will be next falls grow


@MattyBear I’m great bro those are for the meds I’m supposed to be using per the VA. Instead I filled them with seeds for my meds. I no longer take any VA meds and I’m doing awesome.


Plants looking great bud!

The irony in up cycling their pill organizer is outstanding.


Latest picture these ladies are getting huge.