Back Baby it's been awhile


Looks great brother


Looks awesome bro very nice


Thanks everyone sorry I’ve been busy my new semester just started. This grow has been explosive look at the growth in just two weeks time.


Looking good and good luck this semester!


Thanks @MattyBear how are the lights going?


Awesome man! 13 days in flower and I’m seeing trichomes develop. Just moved my auto closer to see how she responds.


The ladies have been in 12/12 for a day I was going to get fancy but I ran out of buds lol… so the plan is i will reveg the whurkle and amnesia then graft a whurkle branch and blue dream from next grow to the amnesia.



Daily bud porn hope everyone had a great day…


Thanks for checking in! Plants look great :+1:


@MattyBear thanks brotha


Looking great brother


So I killed one of my white widows today for two reasons the first being she foxtailed on me.
The second because I ran out of weed the first more important than the second I sware.:grin: I believe it was genetics the reason being my temps and humidity were spot on. The only other factor could have been stress which brings me to genetic make up. My guess is that my lst triggered this Gene and well I have beautiful foxtail buds. Not a big deal because it’s my bud so I’m not worried. Just interesting to see that no matter how much you try to control plants, they have their own genetic map and ultimately will do what they want.


Yes I just had a thc bomb that began to foxtail late in flower


My lady foxtail’ed from jump street I thought she was going to fill in but they just got more defined. Then when the pistols started to Amber I realized that’s all she is going to be is foxtail’ed. Funny you mention the thc bomb I had a gorilla bomb last summer which is gorilla glue x thc bomb show significant signs of heat stress @ 78 degrees. Which probably comes from the genetic make up of the thc bomb. @Dieselgrower


@Dieselgrower once I got the temps down to a constant 72 she calmed down.


I think you’re onto something. Having been at this for a while, I think foxtails are becoming more and more common in near ideal conditions. Not sure if it’s the rate at which all these new crosses are pumped out, or maybe as a whole our thoughts that it was heat related were a little skewed from the beginning. Possibly a little bit of both? I’ve had plants that were beat to death with heat never foxtail, and some that should’ve been on cruise control show them.


@dbrn32 exactly I have two white widows both from the same bank same lot. Both under the same lights in the same environment both lst’d one has fat buds and the other :fox_face:


I always thought it was genetic in some and stress related in others. Many people that I’ve talked to who grew the thc bomb had foxtails. Some said they had heat issues and others didn’t.


I agree with that thought. Where I was going is that it’s completely possible that I’m the cases where people assumed it was heat related, it may have happened anyway.

It’s not as cut and dry as saying a plant is root bound or anything like that, so we’ll probably never know for sure. I was just putting it out there that this may be more of a genetic thing than we have originally thought.