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At quick glance, best way to fill the drivers could be the vero 29c. At 700ma forward voltage would be 66 volts dc. So almost 50 Watts per cob, 2 cobs per driver. Which means you could run 8 cobs total, and with driver efficiency calculated and fans it should pretty easily break 400 wall Watts. I don’t know how efficient those drivers are, so can’t get you exact number sorry.

How big is the fixture? 8 50 watt cobs is generally about two more than the typical 3x3 build. I want to make sure you get what you’re looking for, but it seems a little excessive. I’m gonna throw a ballpark figure out that I think is a little low, but you can probably expect about 50% more par per watt with that cob than you’ll have with that stock fixture. Cob spacing if you were to build from scratch would be like 10-12” on centers. Is there room for that?


@dbrn32 lol my wife gave me the go ahead to buy my dream light she said she rather the professionals handle it lol… She wants to avoid this I guess probably a good idea.


Definitely, whatever suits you best! Did you compare that to the offerings from hlg and timber?


No I have not…lol to be honest I was focused on the plants and didn’t pay attention to the lights. So I am way behind on the lighting. The two companies I’m looking at are fluence and spectrum king. Any recommendations would be appreciated but as per my wife they have to be assembled lol. @dbrn32


This looks promising… What do you think and it’s cheaper too.

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Timber and hlg both sell assembled lights, no worries there. How big of space are you flowering?

The spectrum king for whatever reason seems a little high on the cost per umol level. Probably the highest of any. The cooling they have is cool, and is probably worth something to most people. So you have to consider that. In my opinion, other than cost they’re downfall is packing all of the leds into such a tight package. Which means running it high to get a decent spread. Can be an issue depending on what you’re trying to do.

Fluence is good too, but again high on that cost per umol level. Not as high as spectrum king though. Their vypr package is a little more spread out, but kind of runs into the long and narrow category. If you like to scrog, that would mean your net kind of has to follow that footprint. May or may not be an issue for you. It may be something that works out for you.

Horticulture lighting groups quantum boards use mid power tech just like fluence and spectrum king. The other two aren’t as sharing on the exact diode, hlg uses the Samsung 561c top bin. Which for quite a while was the most efficient diode available. The new samsung I think lm 301b is maybe a couple percent better, and I believe Cree and osram are releasing one competitive with the new Samsung. But I’m not aware of any grow lights using them. Anyway, the hlg-550 retails for $1050 and third party tested to meet or exceed single ended par levels of se 1000 watt hps. Efficiency wise and par levels are almost identical to vyprx plus from fluence. The one advantage the hlg-550 would have for most is that it’s more of a square fixture you can get an even spread out of without running with a lot of height. There’s usually some sales and such you can get 20% off as well, which makes it competitive at every level.

Timber grow lights builds cob fixtures. They have variety of sizes to fit just about every grow, and offer them all in cree, citizen, and bridgelux cobs. They have a somewhat diy appearance, but they are built well and have a really good reputation. They also give you pretty accurate par data, so should be pretty easy to compare price vs performance with the bigger names.

Another option may be a pic-6 from pacific light concepts. Although they are seemingly always out of stock. It’s a 6 cob fixture that’s also third party tested to meet 1000 watt hps par levels in a 4x4. Price on that one is $800, but you’d probably have to send an email or something to see if any are available.

Long story short, I think they’ll all grow pretty good weed. For price alone, I personally would probably rule out the spectrum king. But that’s just me. The others all have some high and low points. Maybe take a look at those couple of lights and see what you think.


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@dbrn32 thanks for the info brother I found this light and this one so far is what I’m leaning towards.



Hard to go wrong with that one! They will send that assembled too right?

@MAXHeadRoom uses something very similar to that, he just built himself. He’s on 2nd harvest with it right now I think. Check his stuff out to see it in action.


Thanks brother I appreciate all your help. Yeah the price is assembled and with a dimmer. I will definitely check out @MAXHeadRoom grow


Anytime! You’ll like having that dimmer if you plan on using the light all the way through. You don’t have to continually jack with heights. You can dim and run fairly low during veg too.


My ilgm seeds came in today


quite a spread @Usmcjojo


Awesome! For whatever reason I think there is an issue with putting pics of the labels on. Just a heads up.


Sorry guys I have not been around I’ve been busy making a long needed modification to the grow room. I replaced my door and instead of venting the AC under the door I installed a dryer vent. Also cleaned up the under growth on all plants they were to bushy.



Nice setup brother looks great.


looks great @Usmcjojo
being a grower really brings out ones full potential i believe…
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