Back Baby it's been awhile


I know you’ll get it! Practice makes perfect!


It’s not my skill that I need to work on… lol it’s my patience like always I have none and so this will probably happen again lol but I’m going to try and let the plant catch up to my ambition. @MattyBear


@Usmcjojo. Hey buddy i got kids i get it! Love em more then anything but… Every one needs a break. Anyway. Yes i agree. My first run with autos i used as an experiment(kept a grow journal) but the one i let grow totally natural was the lightest producer out of them all. The one i topped right above the first one figer leaf then i fim’d those 2 and the LST’d it out like an octopus, grown in a 5gal. Airpot. Got the most from her at 86grms if dank shit, thats the weight with all bug atems out too. All the real little stuff went into butter.
I am looking for plants that by nature are going to get bigger then wwa is, ive grown 16 all about same size give or take. They ate good for my indoors bc they are that size. But i want some large,superautos for outdoors in summer gorilla growing.
I just ordered chocadope auto from victory. As a treat for wifey who lives chocolope. But looking for a few more.


I have their Seemango going right now so I will let you Know how she grows.


Sweet thanks. I live in farm country and autos are perfect for corn field grows bc its done so early no threat of fields being cut too early or hunters finding them. Im still doing a few larger photo plants. ; drunk skunk, goldleaf, and superskunk. Also getting a peyote critical fem seed with my chocodope so will probably drop her right away and get a mother for clones for outdoors. Once everything goes out in spring all my indoor autos will be done and im shutting down the grow room to poor a better floor and make improvements.


This whurkle is short maybe a 3 inch stem but she is bushy!!!


Ool but looking good! There’s no way I’m gonna be able to split my stem my trunk is so thick!


I just topped her early and started training those auxiliary buds into a t- shape so the rest could catch up.


Amnesia is going strong she is a pure sativa wanting to stretch but I got her trained to the max…almost have the main stem at 90° but she is putting out major auxiliary buds.


I’m really impressed with these cheap 120 cobs can’t wait to build my own… @dbrn32 @MattyBear @BIGE I will definitely be hitting you guys up for that… I want to take my 900w vipar apart and switch out the LEDs with cree cobs would that work?


Awesome! Ya, I’m sure we can come up with something. It really comes down to the the available driver voltage and current. If you get a chance to see if that stuff is listed on the driver, take a peek.

I’m assuming you’re talking about cxb3590? They are available in 36 and 72 volt versions, once we get ahold of driver data I can see what looks to fit the best. There’s also some pretty competitive cobs from a few other manufacturers in different voltages as well. So no shortage of options.


Looks great buddy


Thanks @Hogmaster hey @dbrn32 this is what I’m working with… guess it’s due for a cleaning but lol


Reverse engineer that space ship @Usmcjojo


Lol I’m trying…lethal_weapon_complete_collection_red_wire_bomb


lol,that is the way i felt turning my light project on!
i put it on a surge protector with a switch,i didn’t even want to plug it in with power…lol
scardy cat!


All four of those drivers identical? And is there a separate power supply for the fans?

What are you looking to put in there power wise? Dual purpose light, or strictly flower or veg? Also, pretty certain you want the cree’s or willing to look at other options?


All 4 are identical no separate power supply and no I’m flexible… definitely has to be a 1 and done light don’t like switching lights mid grow. @dbrn32


It pulls 400w from the wall looking for that equivalent or in the 400-600 range but definitely no less. @dbrn32


Ok, looks like I’m out of likes for the night sorry.

I’m guessing there is a fan wired to each driver then? And then a group of leds on each as well?

If you want dual purpose probably looking at 3000k 90cri or maybe 3500k 80cri. Blue wavelength intensity is about the same in both. The 90 cri has a little lower efficacy, but it peaks quite a bit deeper in the reds and provides a decent amount even in far reds. You don’t really get that in the 80cri models. I like the 90 cri. Most are seeing about same harvest results but getting a little emmerson effect with them leading to a little quicker time to harvest. With available voltage, we could probably even do some mixing of color temps too.

The main reason I asked if you were solid on the cree was due to cost. The 72 volt cob is out of the question as one doesn’t meet minimum driver voltage, and two is beyond the driver max. The 36 volt cob we can fit a few, but at 700ma drive current is gonna be like 25 Watts a cob. At $40 each that’s pretty steep!

As far as getting the most for your money, in a 36 volt cob @Bogleg just pretty much stole some gen 5 citizen 1212’s from cobkits. You’re still gonna be in that 25 watt per cob mark, but I think cobs cost him like $9 each. They also have a few different bigger voltage cobs. I’d have to go check fv at that current for fitment, but I’m sure we can make at least one of them work. They’re $20-$40 range, but you’ll be looking at more of a 35-40 watt cob.

Bridgelux has a whole gang of products at your disposal in the vero line. If you’re looking at lower power like the citi 1212, the vero 18 is about there cost and performance. They also have the vero 29 in 52 volts and 69 volts, for around $30 each. If you’re looking to push some power this may be your best bet.

Luminous is a relatively newer name in horticulture, but they’re suppose to be up there with the big boys efficiency wise, and I think the cxm 22 is a 52 volt cob as well. I haven’t built with them yet, so I’m not as familiar with the specs sorry. But I think they’re around $20 or so and looked at as another one of the best bang for your buck options.

Worst case scenario, you can shove a different driver in there and go with a cree build that makes sense if you want. It will obviously cost more, but I’ll help you get the parts together for whatever you want.

Did you have an expectation of how much power you wanted?