Back Baby it's been awhile


Sup guys and gals I’ve been gone for a while getting my degree in horticulture and dealing with life. I’m back and I’m going to be germinating some beans tomorrow. In the meantime here are some shots of my new room. @Hogmaster @Majiktoker


@Usmcjojo glad to have you back! I just joined this summer, and I’ve learned a lot. I’ll enjoy following along in your grow, and hopefully learn something. There’s always something learn somewhere. What strains do you have soaking?


What game plan are we working with?


Sup guys @Donaldj how’s it going brother. I’m going to run 3 autos on the top. Pineapple Express, girl scout cookies and seemango. On the lower table I’m going to run whurkle and amnesia both photo. Going to do a scrog I’m also going to try some grafting and air lairing. The grafting and air lairing will be done on the photo strains. For the grafting I’m going to try several different methods to see which works best with cannabis. As for the air lairing I’m trying to find a simple way to clone without extra equipment. I’m running a 900w 450w and 2 300w. The 450 has dimmable veg and bloom settings.


I’ve done air layering it’s pretty simple and less risk or time loss than standard cloning but clone still eats up space. No hydro this round? sticking to dirt for now I guess so you can have more free time?


Yes exactly more free time and i haven’t ordered my rez heater for the winter but as you can see I still have the stand for my nft system so I will still be growing hydro just not this time around.


Thanks brother glad you learned something hope we can learn from each other.


Nice set up! Welcome back


the pump in NFT warms res or atleast it has in my last 2 units I made


In my setup because my room is poorly insulated the temp in the rez and the temp in the room is off by 10 degrees. So I need a heater to make up for that difference. It sucked last winter trying to keep the water temps up. Stressed the ladies pretty bad swinging the temps last season. @Donaldj @MattyBear thanks bro.


great to see ya back dude. what a good surprise, hope to see ya at the hydro store one of these days. But we live in same city and I have no idea how the you can need a heater when I cannot get below 74. Best of luck, still plugging along…


Glad your back @Usmcjojo been awhile :sunglasses:
Time to start pumping out the sticky icky :clap::clap:


welcome back @Usmcjojo


@Usmcjojo Welcome back Brother! Happy Growing!


Welcome back @Usmcjojo If room envy is a thing…I have it. Very impressive!


Ok sorry busy weekend everyone so I will germinate my seeds today. Just going to germinate whurkle and amnesia today. Those are going to be my photo plants I’m starting them before my autos so they can veg longer and I can graft and air layer some cuttings from them. Thanks for all the love guys I will update you guys on the process.


Thank you a labor of love lol.


What’s up brother dig the fancy title good job bro.


Thanks @Usmcjojo glad to see you back! And look forward to the new grow!


Welcome back!!
Hope all that head knowledge pays off buddy
Happy growing look forward to following​:+1:t3::+1:t3: