Back at it(purple trainwreck,amnesia lemon, photo and auto grow)


This is my second grow. 2 purple train wreck, 2 amnesia lemon, 1 amnesia auto, 1 ilgm white widow, 1 great white shark. I had a hard time germinating so some are bigger but I got them going.

and I got more watts pointing at them


Heck yeah buuuuuddy, glad to see you back at it!


Glad to be back :grin:


3 wks from sprout for my first amnesia lemon

1st sprout purple train wreck off to a bad start. It might not make it2nd sprout purple train wreckilgm white widowamnesia autogreat white shark auto2nd sprout amnesia lemon



What is that on top of your soil? sand?


@Ray4x yes to keep bugs from getting in and getting out.



Nice! Yeah I heard about people doing that and was just wondering how it affects the soil when you water… I guess it just goes through it fairly easy right? How much do you use?


@Ray4x yeah it goes through easy and I use like maybe an inch



Cool great to keep in mind!

I haven’t had any bug issues yet knocks on wood … but good to know just in case


@Majiktoker @latewood @garrigan62 @BIGE @Hogmaster @Donaldj what does it mean when your roots are fuzzy? Is it normal? And the plant seems to have slowed growing or stopped


roots look good to me @Macadon


Ok thanks @BIGE I just didn’t remember seeing fuzzy roots on my first grow


It means the roots are healthy as can be! You want them to look like fuzzy fish gills or so I’ve read. But I’d get some advice from others I’m just throwing in my opinion on what I’ve read


I hope you’re right! @Manny_FTGUTube I’m having lots of problems with this grow but I think I have it under control


What’s your problems with them? Have you used any good bacteria like mycorrihizae?


No I haven’t used anything yet but I’m pretty sure it was probably some bugs in my soil. I forgot the de powder when I planted. This is what’s happening to my first sprout purple train wreck


I dropped my pot taking that picture just now and this bug was in there



Whoa that’s definitely different never seen the leaves come out like that. What kind of soil are you in and wtf kind of bug is that :hushed::hushed: well you said you got DE I’d just put some on top of the sand and maybe under the pot, and if they haven’t established a good root system yet maybe even repot with some DE mixed into the soil like you originally said you do.


It looks like a beetle honestly I don’t know but it was in there when I just drop the pot. Im using ffof soil. I topped it yesterday the new growth was twisted also. Only thing I found on it was that it could be from some type of fungus larva eating roots. It’s not dying yet though it’s just growing crazy so I will just ride it out


Sounds good my friend I’ll definitely be popping in on this thread to check on the kids haha good luck and happy growing!