Back at it different set up

I’ve started growing again I’ve got a new 600w mh vivosun I got a portable ac in my grow room using fox farm ocean forrest growing chem dawg started from seed


Looks like you’re off to a good start, love chemdawg, great stuff.

Yea learning from my last grow I got 77 grams out of 3 plants last time


Set to watching :stuck_out_tongue: good luck with your grow!

I’m gonna tag along as well, if you don’t mind :v:

Watching, good luck.

Thanks for the support bros will keep updating

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I got the same light, been working awesome definitely changed my grow from the cheap led I had.

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So I noticed these white spots on one of my plants idk what it is what do yall think

same I had a king led 1500 watt and it just wasn’t enough


Just a little update on how they are doing


I like it they are starting to really bush out im thinking when i get my charcoal filter and vent im gonna hook up my other like and flip these girls


I’m thinking I might need to transplant so I can add some ff strawberry fields before I flip and I’m waiting on my exhaust fan and charcoal filter to come in so I can hang the other light and change bulbs thoughts on transplanting or just adding the soil to what I have already



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I’d transplant and then let them go a couple weeks at least before flipping to flower, give them some time to fill up the new pot with roots and grow a little bit more.

Ok kool thanks

watching, good luck with the grow! :slight_smile:

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Thanks ill post some pics after I transplant today

Bad news 1 of my plants didn’t come out of the pot easy pretty sure I killed it so I clipped like 9 clones out of her but the other 1 did just fine super frustrating