Back At It Again

This time around I got 6 photo plants and 1 auto going inside the grow tent. The photo’s are 2 Girl Scout Cookies 2 Gorilla Glue 2 Bruce Banner. The auto is Gorilla Glue. The light I am using is the HLG Scorpion Diablo. Currently have the light sitting about 2 feet from the plants while only using 115 watts. The room temp stays around 80 F with about 60% humidity. It’s been 2 weeks since I put the photo seeds in. I will probably end up transplanting them in another 2 weeks to 1.5 gallon pots.

This is the auto flower plant I have been running into issues with. I’ve been trying to mainline for colas so I topped this plant a couple of times and did low stress training as well. I noticed some white spots on the leaves and from what I looked up I thought it was spider mites. I then sprayed the plant with some pesticide for spider mites and then started noticing the leaves turn yellow and look damaged. I’m not sure what to do with this plant from there.

I accidently topped this cola a little late in the veg. I’m hoping they stretch before it starts flowering.


Good luck with your grow!

When spraying plants is best to do at lights out. This will help keep your leaves from getting trashed. If you have spider mites will definitely want to get them taken care of and get your grow space cleaned well.


Looking good! The damaged leaves won’t recover, but as it grows more, they can be removed later.

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Thank you guys for the feedback! Always appreciate that. This is my 2nd grow going so there is still things I can approve on. If anybody knows the amount of water I should be giving my seedlings/early veg that would be amazing. I have Fox Farm nutrients and the chart they give is per gallon water given, but I doubt my little plants can handle a whole gallon of water at a time right now.

What type of grow medium are you using? If you are using FoxFarm grow mediums as well, you may not have to add nutes until flower. I use happy frog and haven’t had to use nutes until week 2 or 3 of flowering.

I’m using the FoxFarm Bush Doctor Coco Loco.

A quick update. The photo’s are looking pretty good. It’s been almost a month and I plan on transplanting them into 1.5 gallon pots soon.

The autoflower plant is growing in nice and full. I tried main-lining this plant and got 6 good looking mains. The main I topped late into veg hasn’t stretched out the way I hoped, but that’s ok. I’m just hoping the plant has enough room for everything to grow properly.