Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


Yes that coud be if they’re that close


But shes only 12 days into 12-12 light change nowhere near being ready? @WillyJ


@Dr.DankThumb420 @dbrn32 if you do go the battery idea 5050 growlight set with timer attached to a inverter then car battery. How on greens earth your going to charge these car batteries I have no idea. You grow some thing but it’s going to look weird when you charge them. Solar panel is doable but it works be with autoflowers not with these check out my outdoor grow


Simple, put them back in trucks and jumpstart them with my other truck and let them charge up again @soilman837
Unless power goes out again these are just back ups in a scenario like that


Then l wouldn’t think she’d be pushing to finish yet…maybe someone else will have an idea @Dr.DankThumb420


@Dr.DankThumb420 I had a friend who this so it does work. To me it’s just a pain in the butt but try it. I can run for my 5050 lights off a 50000 mah power bank for 40 hours on 8 hours total with a 8 hour charge time. So go for it and prove us wrong​:+1::evergreen_tree:


That is great to have like a backup, but not for growing :+1:


I had thought about trying them, but i think they are more useful in a back up scenario rather then a main supply of light.


Hows it going willy, im just relaxing enjoying my birthday with some lemon og and a bottle of hennessy


Happy Birthday man…l’m going great ate one of the brownies I made about an hr ago and just smoked a spliff of ptw and yup I’m doing great…headed into the flower room to do some work in there holy sh!t these things are monsters… in the second week stretch got to get them back under control 6 sd 2 cc clones…

Been thinning them out still need some more…try to keep from having to take my hangers off the lights got about 6 more days of stretch but a little more super cropping and tying down hopefully will do it… @Dr.DankThumb420


happy birthday dr.dank!!!


Thanks E @BIGE


So 4 plants take up a 92x 48 inch tent lol @BIGE @WillyJ


Ms king kong is 4 feet tall, the 2 unknowns are 3 feet tall and super cropped and the other gorilla is 2 ft due too being super cropped as well.


Very nice! @Dr.DankThumb420 Merry Christmas


Merry christmas to you as well @WillyJ


Snapped some pics just after lights out. These are from 2 days ago. Ms King Kong AKA gorilla glue #4. Shes 4foot 5 inches as of now and budding up nicely.
@BIGE @WillyJ @M4ur @SilentHippie @Tylan @Caosred @Keg1 @Daddy @FreakyDeekie @Nug-bug


Looking great @Dr.DankThumb420!


One of the random girls. My unlce that gifted me the seeds said she could be blue dream


The other random girl, could also be blue dream im told