Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


I already rigged up some led strips on a battery for now. @M4ur
And i dont see why he wouldnt offer his input which is a valued asset across the whole forum, considering this is a drama free thread im guessing he’ll show up with some great advice


I would leave them in darkness and resume schedule when lights come on…I think putting them outside and then resuming your schedule would possibly do more harm…you would be going from one schedule to another to another when your power comes back on…see what others think @Dr.DankThumb420


Yeah im thinking just run the led strips on their scheldue then turn them off when its time. Hopefully its back on by 7pm tomorrow @WillyJ


I think you’ll be fine with the led strips. Assuming you’re going to run strips at same schedule that your lights would normally be on? How long are you estimating they will run from the battery?

I think @WillyJ was onto something. They will usually take a hiccup in light schedule. But you really don’t want concurrent hiccups. An extended period of dark or extended period of light within reason shouldn’t really change anything. But if you can hold close to same schedule with leds should be good for sure.


Yes im gonna run the leds on the same scheldue. And as for how long, i have 2 drill batterys hooked up with white and blue strips, they were almost fully charged, and a car battery with a few strips hooked up. I guess only time will tell, but the car battery should run them pretty long they dont take much power to get them on @dbrn32


I don’t know exactly what is the reason (not my job :smiling_imp:) but this is what I know my friend.


You could probably crunch the numbers and that would give you a ballpark. But I suppose in the long run it doesn’t really matter. They’ll run as long as they run right?


Yeah. The car battery should run them till 7 am when they need to go off. I have 2 of them plus the 2 drill batterys @dbrn32


Sounds like plenty


@soilman837 had some circuit he was working on that he could get a single led to run from a c cell battery for a month. He gave up after about a month of me telling him he wasn’t going to successfully grow weed that way. I still stand by that statement, but a handful of them could come in handy for something like this. Maybe not for your room, but a small tent or whatever.


Power came back on about 8 oclock. Problems solved


Glad to hear :+1: you don’t need those hassles


Right lol. Hows your night goin @WillyJ
I was looking at the smaller gorilla glue and some of her pistols are looking burnt… what are ur thoughts


Will be great to have that system ready in case this will happen again :wink:


Indeed it will, and i shall have it if this happens again @M4ur


I have the same problem sometimes when snow :cloud_with_snow: is to big :joy:


Went and got a few hrs sleep up to walk the dogs or at least the big one the little one stays in this early…you say the pistils seem burnt? You dont have a male hiding somewhere because shriveled up pistils can be an indication of her getting pollinated @Dr.DankThumb420


Not that i am aware of. Ill have to throughly check the 8 acapulco and blue dream @WillyJ
I havent seen any indications on any of them


May not be… just a thought…maybe a little nutes or water splash on them and lights burn them a little? @Dr.DankThumb420


They are orangeish some of them brown but mostly bright orange. @WillyJ maybe its trying to finish faster or something