Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


My 2nd one was a little smaller but the density was amazing (rock buds) and I will say a little more potent. Sadly I run out of bloom booster (Bloombastic from Atami) and give her only Terra Grow (atami)… Next grow will be better :joy:


Have you heard anything about the emerald harvest line? They are working really good for me. @M4ur


No… It’s the first time lol… I planning to make a little experiment whit 2-3(depending on the budget) type of nutes (gh trio or duo, atami and biobizz trio) maybe I find that you have. I’m from Europe so it’s expensive to get USA products (if that is made in US)


I saw in your journal that you was growing a photo period plant only in 12/12 schedule… How small was the yield and how much she taken to finish?


My plants love it. I think it is Usa made. After the emerald harvest is gone i am gonna use the House and Garden full line with full additives ( besides 2 bottles ), i believe they are based in europe…
Here is the gorilla glue that was doing worst in coco. Made full recovery.

Side shot


If i remember correctly she was a blue dream. 12 / 12 from the day she popped up led her to veg for about 2- 4 weeks or so, then flowered another 6-10 weeks being she was sativa. She yielded a half oz, but i wasnt using nutrients like i am now, she was very starved and my light was way to high, but i think if i had and knew what i did now i couldve pulled an oz to 2 oz total of her , she had potential for good colas.


Unknown girl

Side shot


I’m glad to see them healthy again…
It was your first grow I guess so it’s ok to get something in the end beside the knowledge you achieve with her growth :+1:
My first grow was a bag of seeds and I put her in flower after 1 month I guess and ended with 20g. Still have 2 seeds left + 1 ak47 auto + 10 or 15 bag of seed from a friend but are very old and improper store + 4-5 I just find in my ak47 auto and another one… So I’m ok for the next year, but I need new auto’s for the my new experiment :smiling_imp:


Ms King Kong aka gorilla glue #4 shes doing great looking like shes gonna have some very good cola structure. Shes got 10 plus heads,Cant wait to start packing on weight with the 1000w hps emerald harvest bloom booster and bloom nutes. With mammoth p and bud xl to pack on weight and flavor.

Different Angle


It was my first indoor grow. I think i got an oz from 4 plants in poor conditions all around.


The other random girl. Looks similar to her sister.

Side shot

The 4 girls need the xtra room. So after their stretch in a week to two weeks theyll go under 1000w hps air cooled with the 3 800w king led as side lighting. The 8 acapulco and 1 blue dream plus the 2 og kush cup experiments, the gorilla clone and acapulco cup plants will be under 600w mars and 315 cmh. Clearing out the space and getting everything ready.


You don’t have problems using that buckets?
Them are looking good and healthy. I can wait to start again :hugs:


Nah , they each have 5-6 one inch drain holes with about 25% 35% perlite in the pots. They get 1.5 gallons once every 5 days, i have low evaporation pressure so they dont drink alot and dont need water often. They are 5 gallon buckets @M4ur


I have a lot of those buckets, so if I need more pots I will grab them :joy:. I like very much the fabric pots because they offer a great drainage and a lot of air to the root system, I have 2 x3gal and 2 x5gal.
I’m planning to buy a big one (7+) and keep a mother in there


Some more angles on ms king kong

Shes putting on height everyday

Cant wait to start seeing buds.

Updates above for everyone if you havent seen them, starting at post #125. Click the middle picture to see full size
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I have around 20 lying around so im using what i have on hand. And although the air pots do get more air to roots, these work just fine for me with plenty perlite and drain holes


She’s a beauty! I got 8 in flower…switched to 12/12 one week ago today…


king kong the strain? @Dr.DankThumb420
lol,nevermind i’m baked on GG lol


Power went out. Might be out for a day or two so im thinking of setting them out for sun tomorrow, but its gonna be opposite to their scheldue… lights would go on at 7 pm in 2 hours and turn off at 7 am tomorrow morning… i dont want to leave them in complete darkness for potentially a day or two but dont want to risk them hermie up. What should i do @WillyJ @BIGE @Majiktoker @M4ur


I think I read something here about this… I think a light(powered whit battery’s is a good choice) … That light will not be enough for them to grow but I think :thinking: that will not let them to sleep… Maybe I’m wrong.
PS I think Majiktoker don’t want to be tag any more for a period… Againe, maybe I’m wrong :joy:
Maybe this guys have a solution for this problem :sweat:
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