Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


Definitely both


Do you have too use string to hold plants up if you have 2 scrog nets? Like 1 scrog net on bottom then another scrog net by buds?


If you have 2 nets, most likely wont need support. I think it depends on how you grow the plant into the net.


Okay sweet! About whats the best time to use scrog nets? Also heard scrog nets will make pruning plants easier also how did the gg4 smoke? Cant wait til mine gets done lol


Wish we had kept El Camino, it had 4, 10 inch woofers in box behind seat, amp and an alpine.


Your gonna want to incorporate the scrog net as soon as the plant is ready to be trained. You want to keep them low, and the canopy even. And in a way it makes it easier because you will know what to cut and what not to cut. Anything below the net gets cleaned up before flipping to flower. @GreenThumb101


Nice. I dont think i could part with mine, even for the $.
Im gonna go all Boston Acoustic in the Elco, gonna put two of these babys behind the seat.

Gonna fabricate a custom box so the fitment is good.

Shes my work in progress but its all there. She runs and drives just fine. Brand new crate 350 dropped in her a few years ago. Ive driven the car to and from California with the Rims on and ac blowing ice cold.


The Boston is equivalent to 15 inch speakers. Race track shaped speakers. One of a kind speakers.


Mine had the V-6, wished it had a V-8, looking awesome!


It came with the original 305 V8, but was swapped out by my dad before i acquired the car with a 350 V8. Its been in the family longer then me haha.


Those speakers look like they will bump spectacularly!


Sure do. Competition acoustic speakers i can play any type of music and it sounds perfect. @Big123


I bet they sound phenomenal!


Man they do. Nice clean crisp balanced sound…hear all the lyrics before you see me coming and feel the bass at the same time 2 blocks away @Big123


New toy


Planning on my next grow already. Gathering materials to build my own perpetual setup that ive been needing and talking about for so long now. Just about got everything in the lighting department covered besides needing another fixture or 2 for clones/seedlings. Thinking of 4 flower room/tent and 4 veg room/tent…Depending on what kind of space i end up with.


Part of my lighting collection so far.
315 Nanolux CMH at top
400 watt hps in the chewy box
315 SunBurst CMH
XtraSun DE 1000w HPS Dimmable up too 1200w down to 600
315 SolisTek C1 CMH
Phantom 315 CMH. Can be air cooled with additional flange