Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


WOW @Onlythebest79 awesome harvest!!
happy birthday!


Happy Birthday and great looking nugs!


Happy belated birthday, @Onlythebest79. Very nice harvest!


Happy late bday @Onlythebest79


Whats up @elheffe702


Yo! Not much, man. Just waiting for @LogieByYoga to get home with the kids, finishing up a bowl of Tangie, or Tangle as her best friend misread it as lol


Hahaha funny. Tangie is good tho. Im still enjoying last harvest. But looking for a new home at the same time. @elheffe702


Right on, congrats! Buying?


Yeah thinking about it. @elheffe702


That’s cool. Lot’s on the market right now, but it’s a pretty weird market right now, seems.


Sure is. Been at my spot for 4 plus years. Looking for a change. Looking for a bigger house. @elheffe702


We just got into a bigger place, but I can’t grow here, since we’re renting. I don’t think so, anyway…have to ask the right people the right questions. It’s not “manufacturing illegal drugs” so medical might be okay? This place is “temporary” in the long term sense. We plan to buy, too.


Yep. Been renting last few years and saving. But renting or not i will be growing lol. @elheffe702


There are some special circumstances here, but they’re in my favor, being a disabled vet medical cardholder. We’ll see. We’ve got the space here. I could run 6-8 plants here comfortably, assuming I can afford the build itself. Might take a bit, but I have the stuff for half that already.


Nice. Im grandfathered in since the early 2000s with my uncle. Can grow 99 plants. @elheffe702


Nice. I do believe I would have 99 lol


Good to see you around, hopefully it works out.


You talking to me or jefe @dbrn32


Both! Lol :laughing:


Haha figured. @elheffe702