Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


Thanks, im still processing weed and i harvested oct 29th. I can only imagine what its like with your harvest lol. @Big123


Thanks. Sure are. 6 oz each off the girls under the 315s. Was a semi staggered harvest so, a few smaller girls got to finish under the 315s. The rest of the smaller girls were finished under 3 800w kings actually 165w at wall. They can hate the blurple all they want but they still grow dense nugs. Got 3 oz each plants and there was 9 stuffed in my tent its like 96x48x72 i believe … @dbrn32
Got huge buds from the cmh girls. Really dense too. Some are big tho like 15 inches or so. The led had good turnout too. Golf ball nugz.


I don’t know as that anyone particularly hates on blurple, but you notice the difference between the blurple nugs and cmh nugs right? The guys and girls running qb’s and diy leds are even 25% or so higher efficacy than the cmh and somewhat similar light spectrum. You have to say something like @raustin pulling 6.5 ounces out of a 2x2 with 135 watt light is pretty impressive right? When you make a move like that it’s kinda hard to not give blurple an eewwww gross haha. They still grow good weed though.


Sweet harvests n hauls. Cant shake a stick at 18 ounces of good dense high grade nuggets. Well done Doc


I see you with the harvest and 6o’s wow is all I can say. I have a blue dream that’s been in the dark for 3 days now waiting for her trimming and hanging. But all in all great haul


Hey Gang. Got more updates coming soon. Lots of change coming before and after new year. Bunch of new toys
Starting up next grow. Gonna have plenty of new toys in play. Like this new hood. This things a monster. 36x32 and 48 inches corner to corner. Accepts any bulb/ballast. Air cooled. This is it next to standard 600w mh hood.

Also wiring in 240 so i can get this guy going aswell as run my equipment more efficiently. Been dying to get his guy hooked up since i got em 2years ago lol.

Also got a giant new filter/fan combo. Was just exhausting into attic no filter, but was too stinky outside my garage. Now it will be filtered before being exhausted so hopefully problem solved.

That magical time of the year again. Coconut oil time.
This time 4 oz and change of high grade larf/sugartrim. And about 6 oz of high grade buds. Total its made with 15 diff kinds of weed and trim.

Before decarb.


Using 3x bottles organic non gmo gluten free 28floz naturally refined flavorless odorless high heat with MCTs coco and 1x 28floz virgin refined coconut flavored and coconut scented medium heat organic non gmo gluten free with MCTsbottle to mix it up.(last time didnt use the coco scented/flavored one).Nice real coconut taste and smell. They both are 15 and change each bottle at my local smiths.

Before mixing

Mixed. I need bigger crockpot. Gonna get the 1 @WillyJ uses.

@Big123 @BIGE @elheffe702 @garrigan65 @Onlythebest79 @PurpNGold74 @Usmcjojo @dbrn32 @M4ur


Hello friend. Sorry for bothering. Can you tell me how old are these girls? And are they gorilla glue strains? Mine is 10 days old as fastbuds say, she’s autoflowering. So I’d like to know if she really is autoflowering. I bought 2 gorilla glue autoflowering seeds. One is 70 days old and other 10 days old. How you think. Can these little one also be autoflowering strain? Thanks for your advices and for time. Wish you happy growing✊🏼


Never grown auto gg#4. But they very well could be what you say they are. 1 st pic looks good, so does 2nd. @Nodriges


Still baking the budder?? Damn thats alotta herb n spices. More then KFC :wink::joy:


Trichomes ar white, waiting for amber color of trichomes to harvest her🙂


Still baking. Planning at minimum 24 hour cook. At 4 hours the oil was still clear. Over night it got it color. Almost done


Ended up doing a 48 hour cook. The color looks different this time. Came out more amber color this time when solid. Black when liquid haha. Haven’t tried except for a small drizzle on a already made cinnamon roll. Its fire. Smells like fire.
I love how you basically dont lose any product with the coco. Used 4 28floz jars and got back just about 4 jars full in the containers they came in ( non bpa ).


I got 4 jars that are filled like this of coco


Hey man. Feels kinda quiet on the forum these days. I liked seeing your updates homie. Hope you had a good holiday season. @Onlythebest79


Happy holidays to you also and Here’s a pic of my blue dream and SourHound

Blue Dream


Hey bro here’s a couple pics of what I just harvested 3 weeks ago. I have 2 GSC 1 pineapple haze 1 Bluetooth 1 cheese going now and this will be last grow so I can get this house cleaned and ready to move to new house.


Blackberry kush

Bubba kush


I haven’t really been taking pic but this is what I had to show and share. Hope you enjoy


@Dr.DankThumb420 your avatar makes me miss my 1981 El Camino, cheers to today and 2019!


Nice haul. N sweet Christmas thats alotta budder. Gonna be getting your Chef Boy R D on huh


Sweet stash. I am currently not starting another grow
Either because i will be moving soon as well.


Right on brother. I would miss mine if i did ever sell it. It has been in the family forever. Im gonna redo the car. New shoes , new interior, ice cream paint job, gorillas behind the seat, ya know the deal.


You know it man