Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


That was $11 (plus a $1 preroll). I’m okay with that.


We have $35 0zs at the dispensaries now. Not a good time to be growing lol


Lol. Thats all that matters right. @elheffe702


Prices are still stupid high here.


Must be nice. Lol But how is the quality ? Most of the places offering that low of a price for a zip, its usually low grade low budget stuff from my xp from the stuff i got that cheap in the cali dispensarys.


…“I been gone since like July, n!&&@$ actin’ like I died…” :smile:


Lol just means you were missed! :rofl:


That ain’t so bad, I guess.


The quality isn’t actually too bad for the price. It is that our market is completely flooded. I have a large surplus so I’m not growing for awhile now lol


Yeah. After this grow im starting, ill be taking a break as well. @Daddy


What’s this “surplus” you speak of? :laughing:


@elheffe702 over 5 units lol


A true old school pot head, “units” lol.


Sup man hows it going? @Onlythebest79


It’s going ok and what bout yourself? I’m just laying low and living life.


Same homie. Trying to enjoy life to the fullest. Making sure the juice was worth the squeeze. @Onlythebest79



The juice is nice as I have a rotation going now that a plant gets chopped down every 2 weeks. Fortunately I will be moving to new house next summer so this rotation will stop end of March to get this rented house in order to show for potential renters. But I should and will have enough green to last me till I get the new setup running. Now I have drying trainwreck and northern light with 2 pineapple haze and 1 Girl Scout cookie at 25 days old and 1 Girl Scout cookie at 18 days old. Will drop 2 AK47 and 2 cream cookies tomorrow and this will round out my grow until the move. I can say that I have more weed on my person than I know what to do with well I do know what to do with it lol smoke it share it and smoke some more.


Hey gang. Getting ready to start next grow. All plants harvest and cured. I got about 6 oz each of the bigger girls who were bag seed. And about 3 oz each of the smaller girls.

Partial harvest pictured.

Cleaning everything and getting seeds ready… got some new toys too. Will post update when everything ready. Stay tuned yall.


Congrats on the harvest, healthy numbers there!


Harvest cheers!