Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


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None of you guys got a presidential alert like a month ago. I was sitting at my sons football game a few weeks ago and every phone in the stands just started going as if we all got a amber alert. But it was a presidential alert from trump. The president was on the news talking about he sent out the alert. Here’s a link talking about it

I know it’s for like emergencies and all but just the fact they can send a message like that to every phone in the USA is scary shit. So me just thinking :thinking: what else can and or are they looking at and have access to. So I’m just limiting what I do on this site that’s all until it’s legal here


Haha welcome to the club. Not finna get into all that. Bit if its gotta cam n wifi, its prolly gotta mic too. Just :v:t5: bro. We’ll be around and checking for updates as always. :+1:t5:

PS we illegal af under the mason dixon but i grow to smoke. They can kma…


This is what “they” can do.


Just saying hey, hope you’re well :v:


Wassup man? Been awhile! Im doing good was gonna update thread lol been processing weed for weeks pretty much solo…
How are u? @elheffe702


Solo, you say? Have fingers, will trim for bud :smile:

I’m blessed, man. Blessed!


Glad to hear. Lol and im down to my last zip or two to trim. You were mia when i had about 20-25 zips to trim!

Are you smoking on anything from your stash or are you buyin again @elheffe702


Buying for now :sob: …and it ain’t in the budget lol

That said, that Double Tangie Banana was fanfreakintastic pain meds after lifting boxes when I shouldn’t have.


Damn i know the feeling. The dispensary be taxin. Try to use weedmaps for deals. I know some offer 49 dollar quarter before tax…

sux to run out of homegrown… im enjoying not having to water any plants, but will be back in action within a few days. @elheffe702


I’m out of likes. Yeah, I get the best deals I can.


Alot of cannabis stuff been going on lately, were you able to make any events? @elheffe702


No, unfortunately, I’ve had plenty of my own stuff going on. It’s all getting sorted, it’s just wearing me out. :tired_face:


Damn i feel it. I just been kicking back relaxing, processing weed, trying to enjoy life and the little things lol @elheffe702
Currently indulging in gg#4


Hell yeah, bro. That’s nice :+1:


I’m working on some Cheese from Gardens of Weeden:


Haha what a great name for a company!


It’s not baaaaaad, said the stoned, black sheep.


Haha awesome!


U mustve read my mind. Glad to hear its good. I would be mad if i got a soso bag at the price they charge.


Looks like it gots some decent cure time. Last couple of times i got bags from the dispensary, the dates were laughable. If i remember correctly, it was harvested 3 days before it was packaged. I was very unsatisfied to say the least. Last time they got money from me. @elheffe702