Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


Haha probably 20 minutes or more im guessing. I was missing 4 weeks of updates so i just put it all into one mega update. I forewarned by saying it was alot to stomach haha. But yeah they are looking tasty


Do you not have a current journal my friend? I always liked seeing your updates.


I knew it took me at least 10 to look at them haha


I was gonna upload them 1 by 1 for macro viewing purposes ( no i wasnt ) LMAO… @dbrn32


No my friend, I don’t have on, I’m a little paranoid about internet sharing now :joy:… But I can say that, it was a good time for me to lol… :joy:


Wow sorry to hear. But if thats the case were all being spied on by pretty much everything these days haha. Hope to see u growing again 1 day @M4ur


I do my friend… Check this out, Bruce Banner III
50 days in flower :grin:, she have tons of sugar :joy:, it’s my first time when I grow something like this :heart_eyes:. @Dr.DankThumb420

@bige do you drop one of this? From your words I choose this strain and I’m very pleased and my nutrient line (biobizz(@Johnzy81) + bloombastic/atami) make this possible :wink:.


Wow nice. Shes covered in frost. @M4ur


My lightss on off temps/rh without cooling


@Onlythebest79 hey man hows it going havent heard from u in a minute? Cant click your profile for some reason


I was just thinking that! That’s kinda weird too


Yeah pretty far out man lol @dbrn32


I’ve seen when people get banned it says so right on their profile page. He was always friendly guy too, so I don’t expect that happened. Maybe he was feeling some heat and decided to lay low for a bit.


Yeah i dont think hes banned. Hes a member in the lab right , maybe u can check there. Ive seen a few people do this or go completely anonymous @dbrn32


I’m gonna terry active there and don’t know if I remember seeing him there, or maybe it’s just been a while or he’s under a different screen name. I’ll check though.


Lmk whats up. If you do get in contact tell him Dr Dank said was crackin… lol @dbrn32


Will do brother!


Hey @Dr.DankThumb420 I’m doing good on this end and everything’s ok. I stepped back from forum every since I got that US wide presidential alert to my phone a few weeks ago. I know if I get that to my phone no forum is safe and I’m in illegal state. The shit just scared the crap out of me and the babies are doing great. I will post pics when their done but I’m ok and thanks for checking on me


Damn dawg, good to see you! What kind of alert are we talking about?


Haha my thoughts exactly. :eyes::eyes: what alert