Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


Looking good @Dr.DankThumb420. I can just imagine Mrs. Silenthippie walking in and seeing me all tangled up in all those strings and shaking her head. Lol. Nice job!


What I appreciate the most about your plant is the way you can see the buds pulling the stuff out of fan leaves. Plus I have no idea how you get that many pics to download. Good damn job


Lookin good man, I’m getting ready to harvest myself. One plant is ready the other two still have a week or so.
I trimmed all the fans off to help make trimming easier for myself. Will probably cut her down tomorrow after work, or tonight before I go.


Thanks willy. I did them a little differently this grow. I went thru your old journal and mine for note checking/tips at the start of this grow. Did alot of lst and super cropping to keep them low and wide but they seem to still get tall cuz of the veg time and the flower stretch.


Haha right. Mine are dragging their feet still and im out of smoke. I was hoping atleast 1 strain of a dozen would finish in 8 weeks, but it looks like they all need a lil morr time


Thanks. Yeah too bad bout the herm. Was starting to show good colors. All but 4 of my plants are in last swell stage


Lol thanks you. It happens to me on a daily. I have to restring them everynow and then, well last time i had to call the mrs to the garage to help get me back out after tying them up lol.


Yup. Hope u caught early before anyone got knockd up


Thank you. They have been getting plain water so they can use whats left in the soil/roots. And patience. Lots of patience. I upload from my galaxy note 5, the pics upload relatively fast its just takes so long the more pics you have.


Thank you for tagging me, I’m watching now, you have grown some great looking marijuana buds!


She looks just like my gg#4 plant in the 1st pic lol. Big colas. Thick stems. Good job.


Thanks an your welcome. Im more of a quality over quantity person, so my quality control is high. Id rather have a smaller amount of fire then alot of some regular.


I did. Hopefully. But they were just starting to form, none of them spit pollen. Fingers crossed


Last grow my GG4 grew with 1 giant main cola and not much else. That’s the only one I have had like that.


Orginally she was just a single cola plant in a very small polar pop cup. Replanted cuz i knew she had more potential. Here she is after transplant to 3 gallon.
Her main cola now is HUGE. All other tops are humongous as well. Compared to a non monster cropped plant. @bryan


Hello dr dank! I have one question what type of lights do you use for your set up?


You did very well my friend, they are looking very good for 42 days, definitely you do a very good job :+1:.
Keep doing what you do :+1: :+1: :+1:


How long we’re you uploading pics? Lol. Plants look great, nice work!

@M4ur nice to see you around!


Thanks… an i Just checked back, she was pulled around day 49 of flower. So well before the swelling stage but the nugs were pretty dense, grinding with fingers proved difficult, so in the grinder it went. Plus it was so sticky if you broke it down by hand and tried to roll a j, it wasnt happening. I was satisfied but know it could’ve been superior product then wat it was.


Im currently using a SolisTek C1 315 cmh, Phantom 315 Cmh, and a SunBurst 315 cmh. Love love love them. In the Phantom and Sunburst im running Philip’s bulbs in 3100k, the Solistek is running a 4200k Solistek Bulb. Just an experiment im doing. Their recommended bulb for flower is their own brand 3200k.