Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


Just dropped a gg#4 today along with 2 bananna kush & a crystal. Cant wait!!!


What does this look like to yall? Switched to flower 4 weeks and 1 day ago. GG#4 mother. In 15 gallon pot. Always water with 6.0-6.5 ph water. Gave a decent 6.5 flush yesterday morning. Couldnt get runoff ph. Next water in a few days i will test runoff. Im thinking nitro deficient…? Or kinda thinking ph is off maybe? Leafs are still soft even tho they look dry n crisp. Plan was to do another flush, then last gallon of water add full strength bloom nutes…

Main Bud

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Looks like overwatering … that’s also going to throw your ph out of wack… :wink:
With a 15 gallon pot , you probably only need to water her once a week , if that…



Nitrogen does come to mind looking at your pics


My first thoughts were over watering. See how the stems are pointing up but the leaves are drooping… that is overwatering. Under watering you would see the whole leaf droop, stem and leaves. Check that runoff and I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a little out of range. She’s hungry, so once the ph is in range she’ll start taking up nutes again. Thanks for the tag and hopefully that helped. Let me know :v:


She just got flushed in the pic after extended period of
drying. I dont really water that much. 2 gallons a week or so. Only watered to slight runoff a few times. Thanks for your input, will take it as possible theory.


In the pic she just got flushed after extended drying time. I only give her about 2 gallons a week. Only watered to runoff a few times. Thanks man and Ill get back to you on runoff and ppms


Yes thats what i was thinking. I dont feel like i over watered her. In the pic she was just flushed from after extended dry time. Maybe thats why she has the over watered look. Only watered to runoff a few times. She gets about 2 gallons a week. Im leaning more towards ph out of wack so lack of nutes being absorbed? Thanks for your input.


Since you just flushed, that makes more sense to why they look overwatered. I’d look into being locked out and hungry. Runoff numbers will let us see what’s going on at the roots :v:


Yeah thats what i was thinking. Thanks @MattyBear just trying to get through this grow.


Hey bro if you have the time water everyday or every other day. With just a pint or so that should get your ph in range and not over water then when you feed do it until runoff. If you want you can give some feedings in place of some watering she seems hungry. That should help slowly bring your ph in range. Decrease microbe use until she gets in range but only water or feed until runoff once a week. She is starving bro especially if your soil isnt amended you dont eat once or twice a week do you?


Thanks bro i was getting a lil worried bout her.She looks better. Ive been letting her dry out since watering on last friday. Shows good improvement but still needs to be fed today. Ph still slightly off. I used promix mixed with roots 707, and alot of perlite. So i was watering to high of ph, she likes ph around 6.0 so i will be watering with lower ph. Last watering was closer to 6.5 @Usmcjojo


Back with quite the update for yall. Hope u can stomach it all. Lol. All but 4 plants have been getting flushed in anticipation of harvest. Update starts here
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Gg#4 69 days from light switch. Taking her time.


Update starts above this post.
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Skunk hybrid. Aka “the other big girl” Smells like juicy fruit. 69 days from light switch.


A dozen Assorted from tent.


Full update 2 very long posts up.
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My two problem childs. They both are behind in bud growth from me holding out on the last few feeds. I think they should have enough time to still swell up. Guessing 4 weeks out on these 2 or longer.
One of them just wont uncurl. Same plant I had thought it was nitro toxicity but she’s been flushed with solution 3 times, and a few plain water flushes to get back to 6.5 ph. She just wont uncurl. I think its a severe light burn from led just before going into flower. Im gonna feed her next water. Justher tops are curled. Lower branches are fine. Misdiagnosed as nitro toxicity i think.

Lower branches can be observed in this pic

2nd. Guessing Nute deficient. Flushed in range and getting fed next feed.


Nice looking girls you have there :heart_eyes:. A little bit too taller for me :joy:.
Enjoy it :+1::ok_hand:


Thank you i will @M4ur . The tallest 2 are easily over 6ft from floor to top. I also forgot to mention “the big girl” hermied out on me at like begining of week 6. I was seeing nanners on every bud. With alot of white pistols left. So i pulled her to save the others. She produced 2.8 almost 3 ounces, the nugs were pretty dense even tho they never made it to swelling point. But i smoked it all already lol. like 3-4 weeks and it was gone. Too many clear trichomes, not enough amber to keep me not smoking all day long (literally). Plush she was of lower quality, i can just tell. She had to have been in the 12-18% thc range but my others are easily clearing 22%-30% thc. Just from comparison from stuff tested at dispensary and smoked by me lol.
Pic of dried and semi cured. Can see nanner in 1st pic lol.Part of harvest not all pictured… Didnt get that taste but smell was there. Last water was nutes, so happy there wasnt a bad taste, although there wasnt any “flavor”. Just smooth smoke that burned like 80% white with some darker ash. Was good but not wat it couldve been. Rock hard nugs i tell ya at week 6.Not to bad of as loss. Just 1 plant. Thank god. Plus i needed the smoke. And the danker plants needed the room. Thats why the other girl is burnt from led. Lol

Her last few pics


Im easily maintaining temps with 3 cmh315s in a small corner. No ac but fan 78-85 max on our warmer nights. With small old window ac that needs charged lol, 68-77 lights on. All about airflow.


All looking great! @Dr.DankThumb420