Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


Just dropped a gg#4 today along with 2 bananna kush & a crystal. Cant wait!!!


What does this look like to yall? Switched to flower 4 weeks and 1 day ago. GG#4 mother. In 15 gallon pot. Always water with 6.0-6.5 ph water. Gave a decent 6.5 flush yesterday morning. Couldnt get runoff ph. Next water in a few days i will test runoff. Im thinking nitro deficient…? Or kinda thinking ph is off maybe? Leafs are still soft even tho they look dry n crisp. Plan was to do another flush, then last gallon of water add full strength bloom nutes…

Main Bud

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Looks like overwatering … that’s also going to throw your ph out of wack… :wink:
With a 15 gallon pot , you probably only need to water her once a week , if that…



Nitrogen does come to mind looking at your pics


My first thoughts were over watering. See how the stems are pointing up but the leaves are drooping… that is overwatering. Under watering you would see the whole leaf droop, stem and leaves. Check that runoff and I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a little out of range. She’s hungry, so once the ph is in range she’ll start taking up nutes again. Thanks for the tag and hopefully that helped. Let me know :v:


She just got flushed in the pic after extended period of
drying. I dont really water that much. 2 gallons a week or so. Only watered to slight runoff a few times. Thanks for your input, will take it as possible theory.


In the pic she just got flushed after extended drying time. I only give her about 2 gallons a week. Only watered to runoff a few times. Thanks man and Ill get back to you on runoff and ppms


Yes thats what i was thinking. I dont feel like i over watered her. In the pic she was just flushed from after extended dry time. Maybe thats why she has the over watered look. Only watered to runoff a few times. She gets about 2 gallons a week. Im leaning more towards ph out of wack so lack of nutes being absorbed? Thanks for your input.


Since you just flushed, that makes more sense to why they look overwatered. I’d look into being locked out and hungry. Runoff numbers will let us see what’s going on at the roots :v:


Yeah thats what i was thinking. Thanks @MattyBear just trying to get through this grow.