Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


I agree with others on nitrogen clawing, otherwise tent looks great!


I don’t see the clawing everyone is talking about, but they are a very dark green, so i’ll agree with back off on the nitrogen just a tad. Other than that, they all look beautiful.


Thanks Yes they are. 3rd pic i posted is the one where i said possible nitro toxicity coupled with too intense led lights/slightly overwater so she is clawing. I use RO water, an give calmag every now n then between feedings, all the other plants are fine except another stubborn sativa that doesnt wanna flower and the girl posted in pic 3. My nutez are relatively low N. So im gonna give her some extra plain water to flush her a lil. @raustin
She is taking her time to flower


Thanks man. Yeah shes gonna get a plain water flush tomorrow. That should clear her up. Her tops are a light green compared to the darker lower fan leafs, so im leaning towards light burn a lil more. She was too close to led for a few days before i could get in there to fix it so she has that nasty curl.But a flush nonetheless is needed. @dbrn32


Yeah i figured she had too much n. But more light burn then anything. Her tops are nice light green compared to older fan leafs. Plus she was a lil overwatered in pics. @Covertgrower


Thanks Yes on pic 3 i had already diagnosed nitro toxicity plus she was in too intense light for longer then a day or two so thats why shes got tha nasty curl too. Plus a lil over watered at time of taking pics. Her tops are nice light green and her older fans a nice dark green. She will get a small plain water flush by tomorrow if shes dry. She will straighten out with some plain water.

The bigger plants have curling because of slight under water if anyone was wondering about the big ones as well @Aolelon


Yes lol she does at times, till i remind her of what harvest time will be like… when they need nute water ill be in there all night mixing 12-13 gallons of nutes. For 12 plants plus 3 dozen clones. Yeah i got my hands full cuz i went all in on variety this time lol


Yes it is 3 800w king 165 actuall pull in there.


Lol i meant all those lovely green ladies. But that too :joy::joy:


Lol. I love how they all different from each other even tho they all on same diet. Some are pale green and some nice dark green. @PurpNGold74


Yea. Im starting to get a bead on this… strain pheno thing. Its cool how some strains are super stable n predictable. Others are like a box of chocolates


I love bud porn!!! Thanks!


Damn bro those are beasts!!!


You already know what is going on, a little bit too much N (in this stage)…
Personally I don’t have any problems with my nutrient line(biobizz), no overdose or deficiencies…
Keep the good work bro… :+1:


Good to see you around @M4ur! Been a while… how are things?!


All good my friend, I’ve been working hard at my job so…
Everything is going well and I doing what I learn :joy:


don’t be such a stranger @M4ur
good hearing from u


Yeah they are ive been working on them for awhile. I put alot of time into this grow. @Usmcjojo


No problem i know you do, im sure its safe to say everyone does lol!


Glad to see you around @BIGE