Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


Hey they are looking good my friend and your ears must’ve been ringing because I was wondering to myself yesterday you haven’t posted or updated in a while. But your girls look awesome


Thanks man. Check the post over again i just added a ton more of pics @Onlythebest79 @elheffe702


Right on, looking good :+1:


In my tent


Shes alil over watered and got too close too led. Possible nitro toxicity.

The clones.

Some tent bud shots

Let me know what yall think.
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Thanks man i see you got a harvest in. Must be nice


Lol, thanks for being interested in my grow. I cant wait any longer honestly lol and they barely started makin budd


I didn’t get a while lot this go round, but the next one will be nice.


As long as it gets the job done right ? Lol @elheffe702


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Up late smoking a lil bubbler bowl thinking about 8 weeks from now and what itll be like.hahaba lol


Right? I’m already getting antsy to take it right back out of the jar I just put it in lol


Look at it for no reason other to enjoy its presence… again. LOL @elheffe702


Yep, still there! :joy:


Lol. I was hopin to fill up every jar in my collection and maybe add a bunch of new jars too fill up haha… @elheffe702


Looks like you are giving g a bit too much Nitrogen. You have the tale tell claw and dark green coloration. Other than that coming along nicely I would say.


Yep he’s on to something. Otherwise looks good.



Ok I didn’t realize you had this much going and you said a few hrs a night watering. Looks more like a day to water with all that. I know my seven take anywhere from 1 hr to 2hrs when they need to be watered. Does your lady/woman/wife complain about the time spent watering your girls


Haha mines would! Yes thats alotta photosynthesis going on in that tent. Whew


I agree with others on nitrogen clawing, otherwise tent looks great!


I don’t see the clawing everyone is talking about, but they are a very dark green, so i’ll agree with back off on the nitrogen just a tad. Other than that, they all look beautiful.