Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


Close ups on clones .

The Big Girl

The Other Big Girl

Mama GG#4


After watering with transition nutes last night… all perked up

The Big Girl

The Other Big Girl

Mama GG#4


Beautiful ladies. The soda cups are a great idea. The depth makes for a deep tap root! I’m gonna start saving mine lol


Yes indeed it does. Been doing it like that for years now. Got about a hundred cups saved so far. @elheffe702


Man they look good when’s the party


Natural Light. Took pics today after lights on, they also got watered with transition nutes. Looking good so far

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Looking good and I’m still overwhelmed by what you have going


I just keep thinking of what it’ll be like once they got buds on them…I didnt have enough bud last grow. 4 plants at about a pound only lasted me and mines about 4 months. I got the 3 huge girls in 15 gallons, another 2 in 7 gallons in the tent, and 7 more in 3 gallons. Plus another like 20 something clones, so hopefully i have enough to last me till next grow. Will be doing just 5 in 15 gallon pots. @Onlythebest79


I have the same problem, on a much smaller scale. Mines is just me and Mrs. ElHeffe702. Changing to a perpetual harvest, staggering, allows me to focus on quality of each plant.


Trimmed up the under canopy. Anything that was dead looking or blocked from light under the soon to be main colas. Did alot on the Big Girl, a lil bit on the other big girl cuz she wasnt so dense… not gonna do any on mama gg #4, she seemed to have the best cola structure 99% of it is getting light… she truly is a monster plant.
The big girl and her trimmings

Shes see through now. Haha

The other big girl and her trimmings

@elheffe702 @Onlythebest79


Looking good and you’ll be happy with the leaf removal


Excellent job. Everything looks spot-on. Thank you for sharing your grow and journal. I hope mine looks as good as yours someday.


They are monsters. Good work :+1:


I hope so. Most of it was blocked and the rest was dead… so should benefit the big buds when its time. @Onlythebest79


I know. Next grow im doing 5 in 15 gallons. 2 in my tent and 3 where my big girls are now. 5 should give me a break. I mix water and nutes for hours every night. Lol @elheffe702


Thanks bro. They will in time… I don’t believe I’ve seen your grow ? @neckNflu


Have scissors, will travel! :smile: :+1:


Lol. I love trimming bud, but man it can take forever. I had some sucky scissors last run so it was pita. I got 4 sets of hydrofarm trimmers now that are sharp as a sword @elheffe702


Got 4 sets of hands? Lol, sorry, you know, always up to lend a hand.


Its been 26 days since flipping to 12/12… this is the other big girl/skunk haze hybrid. She is falling over already from the weight of the bud sites. Tied her up with string till i can get some long skinny bamboo sticks. Shes looking frosty an very tasty. I still need too clean her up on the bottom an such areas that are lacking in light.

The GG#4 Mother. Shes falling over slightly on some tops as well. So i tied her up with string too. Shes is looking very lovely. Im suprised with how fast the buds are developing on her and most of my plants, all but 2 have buds developing. But man i always like gg#4 i wonder how shes gonna finish. I cleaned up her insides and bottom areas. Nothing but tops.

Another hybrid/The Big Girl. Shes looking like she might yield the most. She smells the best in garden as of now. Purpling on the tips of her leaves already. Still need to thin her bottom and insides areas lol.

Overall just trying to get through to harvest
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