Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


Do you think the temps are too bad ? Highest is 90 on some days. But if outdoor plants can bloom in it, indoor should too right? They are definitely used to hot weather. @Onlythebest79


I have had outdoor plants see some grueling temps

Believe it or not they have seen up to about 15 degrees hotter than that. The plants did become sorta stunted at those temps.

Now indoors I’ve had plants do extreme stretching combined with hermaphroditing at temps around 90°, especially if its consistent


Wow. Temps are similar in my area outdoor. The plants i have now have vegged perfectly fine 85 to 90 their whole life. They should already be hardened off from the heat ? And 90 isnt consistent, but 84 to 86 , 88. On a rare occasion it’ll hit 90 but not for long. Usually bout when lights go off, cuz sun is coming up. @TDubWilly


I’m not home now but I know my girls are in temps of about 80 to 87 in any given day but before I got these qb boards I was pushing 89-98 in my tent so I would say they can take more heat than we give them credit for.

But @TDubWilly wow that is crazy with your temps and they are doing pretty good.


And those are flower temps ? @Onlythebest79


That was earlier in the year, I eventually moved them inside and they did better. Can’t expect too much at those temps. They topped out at 145°


Mine had begun to flower but when I moved them inside they really took off. Long story short, can they live in heat-yes, do they like it-no lol


Lol. Im wanting to flower now, im out of stash. The temps will be dropping considerably after sept 12th, think i can ride it out till then ? @TDubWilly @Onlythebest79
Originally wanted to wait till after sept 12 . What u guys think of my situation


Yes they are flowering temps @Dr.DankThumb420 and I say flip 12/12


Im probably gonna let them flower. Its about that time lol. @Onlythebest79


Do it. Do it.


Put the timer on 12/12. Hoping for the Best. @elheffe702


I think it’s gonna start cooling down sooner than the 12th. I have no idea what I’m taking about, just trying to be positive lol

Are you using old farmer’s almanac, or? Mine says below average for September this year, so there’s that


So, happy Thanksgiving to @Dr.DankThumb420, hopefully!


I use different charts and stuff from the internet. And check online the weather data from last year. If the 12pm heat is 80 or below my grow room is perfect.


Lol hopefully !


I think we’ll hit that tonight! It was nice this morning.


Lol. Yeah when it gets like 70 75 in the daytime then 60s at night its ice in my room lol @elheffe702


In the tent


Looking good, man. I foresee a forest! :+1: