Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


It’s was pretty good but 3 days to long. Will not do another 8 day cruise rather 3 to 5 as that’s right at that point of being in small cabin with spouse and needing your space. But over all went well and won 2200 on craps table.


Lol, nice sounds like it was fun. @Onlythebest79


The Big Girl

The Other Big Girl

Mama GG#4

The Clones

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Man what you have going I really don’t think I could handle that but I’m glad there are people willing to take that leap. They all look great and you will be happy once their all done. Great job


Thanks ,Yeah i will cuz i can stop going to dispensary for bud and just get wax from them. I went in big this time. Hoping for a bigger harvest. Right now they demand water every 1.5-2 days since it is still hot. Was thinking of switching lights on September 12th to flower 12/12. Just trying to ride it out till then. I might switch it a few days earlier, but sep 12th is like when it starts getting cool in my area. Right now my tent bounces from 86 to 88 sometimes 90 on these really hot nights. So im looking to flower when its not too hot for them. @Onlythebest79


That’s whats up and i understand about not going to dispensary. I’m liscensed here but my state does oils no flowers. So I go there once every 2 months to keep card active. Let me know if you need a hand on the harvesting I’d love to help. Lol


Its recreational out here for us. Stupid high prices tho. For growing you have to be 25 miles from a dispensary as of current law, but im grandfathered in since my uncle has his card since early 2000s before they changed it to be 25 miles so im still legal. He can grow 99 plants and have pounds on him. He comes back n forth from my grow to his. He grows outdoor cali. @Onlythebest79
Man the harvesting gonna be long but such a nice chore lol


Awesome grow! We’re you able to switch between led’s and CMH with no issues of burning?


Yeah it was all a breeze. I dont mind blurple. So i mixed it with cmh and hps. Might cut out the led this time and just go all cmh and hps. @Drillbit


Looking good homie! :v:


Thanks matty. Ive got the urge to flower them out now lol @MattyBear


The clones are good. I was thinking of flowering them out in the solos. If i can get 5 grams per plant totals about a quarter pound of just clones.


Lol, was just gonna tell you Happy Birthday.


@BIGE do you have any one gallon fabric pots? I was able to get over an ounce per clone with no veg time in 1gal pots… very little to no training either. Maybe I got lucky tho lol. Who knows, but I’m about to flower out some more clones! Take it easy brother :v:


Haha well thanks man! I appreciate it :v:


that sounds great brother! when i get these seedlings up i may try that!


So i did some renovations to garage. The 2 Big Girls and Mama GG#4 are all under their own 315 CMH. Trying to get temps right, im hoping to flower now. But if i cant keep temps under 88 i dont wanna risk flowering, even tho outdoor plants are in 110 degree weather all the time in flower. Got the smaller plants under the 3 King 800 Watt (165 true watts each i believe) in the tent. Wanting to flower everything right now, do not have any stash.

The Big Girl

The Other Big Girl

Mama GG#4

A shot of all 3 ( lmao they dont fit in 1 pic)

In the tent


Im using what i have on hand, polar pops and solo cups. Last time i flowered one in a polar pop that was 99% neglected in everyway, got 5 grams off it dry. Was thinking of flowering all the clones in the solo cups/Polar Pops @MattyBear


Last time i did one that was 99% neglected, in a solo cup, got 5 grams and it was way too far from light/ not enough nutes. Basically ran on auto pilot. If can do that again with all these thats about a quarter pound of bud for basically NO Work. Lol


Flower and flower and flower and flower and flower
They look great