Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


Haha my fingers after checking a handful of colas on both gorilla glues with my microscope. It made a nice lil ball of finger hash that made a nice generous topping to a bowl out the recycler Very tasty



So the acapulco is dry, after 3-4 days hanging in grow room. It was 20 grams wet, and it is now 4.5 grams of smokeable bud, with another gram of sugar leafs… the buds are in jars and trimmed…
Heres the main bud, 2.3 grams. Smell is already there, still smells super tropical and fruity. The rest of the buds are small but super frosty and got nice density for being small. They are super super frosty


Looks like some great smoke! Enjoy @Dr.DankThumb420


Im gonna sample some rn… but am letting it cure up before i smoke it lol. @WillyJ


I figured you’d cure it but one small sample is hard to resist lol


Smokes smooth, doesnt make u cough. No flavor yet, and it doesnt really expand in your lungs like the gorilla glue did. Ash is white but could be whiter so should be really white by the time its done curing. Felt it after the 2nd toke. It hit me pretty hard in the head at first but now in feeling it equally in the body. Was a 30 min heavy sluggish that came after that, but has gone into a more mellow body/ head high @WillyJ


So i wanted to save the trim for the gorilla glue but all the sugar leafs and most of the good purple fan leafs with sugar are twisting and curling or falling off. So im thinking she might want to be harvested tonight lol. All her tops had looked milky a few nights ago


Chop chop!


Wow checked the red sativa, most of her hairs are white but her trichomes have alot of milky, almost all milky heads. @WillyJ


:drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face: nice friend :heart_eyes:


Let her keep going she’s gonna be nice @Dr.DankThumb420


So the wet weight was 1lb and 2.4 oz. I am really pleased with the buds. So i was checking other plants and they are mostly milky on the two sativas with some clear, and mostly milky on the led gorilla with some clear. Well they all are going to be sitting in 48 hours darkness then get the chop… alot of dead leafs on one sativa from bottom to top, hairs are like 75-80% percent amber. The other is paving her way just like her sativa sister, yellow leafs from top to bottom and sugar leafs dying off.

I have to get the plants finished anyways cuz a brother of mine might be staying at my house while hes on house arrest so i cant have plants with the feds snooping around even tho its legal lol… plants are all basically done all milky so now just slow drying these colas at 50% humidity for 7 days or so is the plan.


You are a very kind brother :green_heart:


update pic of the curing Acapulco Gold… its covered in sugar and red hairs… perfect hash bud… i am saving this 4 grams for a very special occasion or a very rainy day. Planning on curing this 4 grams for at least 6 months, i am gonna hide it away after its done burping and whatnot.


Sounds like a good idea and it really should knock your head off then


Im hoping so… got enough of the 4 big plants too really let this Gold cure just right… bud like this should be preserved LMAO @Onlythebest79


Yes I’m gone go and borrow an O or two from a friend so I can let this crop I have growing cure for a month and have and then I’m gone enjoy myself in mine. I think or my wife decided that I do 2 mauie wowie photos and 4 bubble Kush autos then 4 green crack auto.

I should be able to get 2 auto grows per 1 photo grow.


I havent grown autos yet, and from what i can see from others grows that they are very tempermental… i would probably get them oddball super dwarf autos with my luck @Onlythebest79


Its been 43 hours since putting them in dark… i got 5 more hours till they get the chop