Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


I think im gonna let the 2 gorillas go 2 more weeks to hit the 11 week mark, and probably harvest same time as the two sativas which are taking there time… was also thinking about 10/14, but will just stick to 12/12… im figuring running all plants to week 12, the gorillas will have the amber covered so the sativas will be harvested at peak milky/cloudy ratio, shooting for high milky/smokey and very little to no clear and like 5-15% amber… ran out of ph 7.0 adjustment liquid so been using test drops cuz thats what i have on hand… i think the ph is lil off cuz the two sativas are yellow and burnt looking. They all are getting pure water, but im thinking the sativas need closer ph to 6.5 and medium nute mixture. @BIGE


i used seaweed extract to wind my plants down this round @Dr.DankThumb420
i bought some maxi-crop that i was wanting to use up because it has chlorine in it and i did not want to chance with seedlings.
outcome was great i thought,nice smooth smoke…
i was just trying to keep them alive enough to pack on the amber trichs and they did just that!


Some pix
@BIGE @WillyJ this is a bud on the bigger gorilla glue


man, that looks great @Dr.DankThumb420
i bet it smells to high heaven! lol


It sure does. Really loud skunk smelling but sweet and spicy.
Another bud @WillyJ @BIGE


boy ohh boy can i remember that smell!
i have two on their way up!! lol


That looks awesome! @Dr.DankThumb420


Looks like I got to order some gg


Haha for some reason everyones starting to grow it. ILGM now offers it as well… Their picture for the GG#4 they offer looks very very similar to my GG#4 lol. @WillyJ @BIGE


it sure does @Dr.DankThumb420 !



Im currently out of gg#4 seeds,but will be ordering some from ilgm when my bud stock gets low. I should have plenty to play with in just gorilla bud… sativa buds should be plentiful aswell… my first good harvest.

Another gorilla bud


it feels good to have a lot of kushin’ to get you through the next grow!


It sure does… and i harvested acapulco gold a few days ago… was 20 grams wet… not bad for a single cola plant that was hardly ever shown attention or watered… she smells divine and looks frosty… smells sweet and very tropical pleasant smell, with a nice ring to it that smell is just not around anymore




The Red Sativa


Nice looking ladies brother


Thanks Diesel. Cant wait to harvest these girls… its been too long. Started them in october of last year lmao @Dieselgrower


A lot of love an care they look great


Thanks and yeah ive spent many hours tailoring their environment. Im wanting to dry them all at once, im in the hot dry desert so humidity is very low always. @Dieselgrower

This is the other sativa that is further along then her sister, but showing alot of yellowing. I think they are root bound, im going with 15 gallon smart pots next run.