Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


Ok cool, thanks toker. Right now he is outside by himself and has a good amount of male flowers. Generally how long from showing pods do they take to start releasing the pollen? I carefully check him every day and so far no dust. Sprouted 12-1-17. I am carefully trying to get him to where his pollen is viable so i can collect it for next grow and remove him. I am not trying to pollenate my girls this run. @Majiktoker
Also i have another question, i have some small plants in cups that are already flowering, showing some burnt hairs, i want to replant them in 5 gallon pots outside, do i have to remove the main bud or cut out all the buds to reveg ?
This pic is like a week to 2 weeks old, currently they are showing decent amount of burnt hairs



Main Top


Bulking up really Nice! @Dr.DankThumb420


Thanks willy @WillyJ they sure are. this is gonna be my first harvest where ill probably have enough to get through a 8-12 week cure. First harvest between 3 plants got smoked up within a 4 week cure time, was only like 7-10 grams. Next grow was about 28 grams between 3. This grow is gonna leave me with enough for awhile hopefully. My dog isnt doing too good, he has cancer so i am doing this grow for him and willing to put up all the buds for him to get well… Gonna make either some RSO or @Majiktoker lotion recipe and order some cbd dog drops to help him fight his cancer mass… hes a really tough soldier, hes a 13 year old razors edge pitbull that ive had since he was a pup


He’s a beauty I hope the treatments work for him they really become your best friend my two are laying at my feet right now…they both are 8 and mastiffs age expectations is around 8-10 yrs so I worry some about that he just had his check up and the vet said she was impressed with how healthy he is…prayers for yours @Dr.DankThumb420


Thanks willy… @WillyJ


Did someone say super frosty samples ? Took a handfull of really popcorned lower growth that was blocked or the smallest growth on branch, left anything that was bigger then a penny to save for my popcorn butter and hash jar for after harvest… looking awfully tasty and smells so good already… gonna dry these out for a day to 2 should do it


Wet weight was 5 grams lol… they look so good im betting they get me really high…


Just if you dry that slowly :joy:
Looking great buddy!


I hope he feels better man


Hey man i appreciate that thanks… @Nell1


Hey willy, and everyone else,got a nice pic of a lower bud that was either completely blocked from light and/or too small popcorn buds too far down stems…
Anyways my batterys are dead on microscope, but with phone zoom i can see alot of milky and a few amber, and still some clear ones… whats your thoughts on how they look? Im thinking if lower buds look this milky then the top buds are probably finished. Still a white hair or two on them , Mostly orange tho. Debating a 48 hr dark period… the gorillas are on plain water and the sativas as well just for a few waters then back to full strength since they are still mostly all white hairs after 8weeks flower…they got a lil over fed since i was drunk gardening LOL… it happens.
Heres the pix @WillyJ @Onlythebest79 @Dieselgrower @BIGE @SilentHippie @M4ur @Nug-bug @oleskool830 @Tylan @Usmcjojo


Now you know we can’t give a verdict if you roll the bud in sugar first.
I kid I kid
So frosty
Even with the super zoom in can’t really make out all the trics,but from what I see it does appear to be close, but perfect???


Smoke that lololol


Whoa! Yeah @Dr.DankThumb420. I would take that as an indicator that up top everything’s stellar! Good Growin’ man! Much Respect…:cowboy_hat_face:


looks great to me @Dr.DankThumb420, got me so riled up i transplanted my GG yesterday…lol
i’m ready for more of that stuff!


Looks good but I still would check your upper buds …Nice and frosty great job! @Dr.DankThumb420


Yes i am… damn microscope takes some watch batterys so i am on the hunt for those. I am pulling the cord on a acapulco today. Been 8 weeks flower for her and shes looking done from what i could tell through dead microscope. I may have to recheck her before going through tho. Looking for that euphoric high, gonna leave the couch lock to the two gorillas @WillyJ


What was the ratio of your trichomes when you harvested the gorilla glue ? Mine look all milky and some clear and some amber…9 weeks and 2 days since 12/12. They were mature with many pistols going into flower so im counting everyday since switch. My 2 red sativas are gonna take 11-12 weeks to finish. One is further ahead with more burnt pistols but may be rootbound, has alot of yellowing. The other is showing 35-50% amber hairs, and alot of yellowing… thinking of switching to 10/14 ? @BIGE


yea that might help @Dr.DankThumb420,
i harvested with mostly cloudy and the sugar leafs wee turning amber.
a bit early,but she was awesome just the same!