Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


All out of likes @Dr.DankThumb420, but they are looking delish!! When you say red Sativa, are you talking like a Panama Red type strain? :green_heart: :seedling:


Yes i believe its panama red @FreakyDeekie


OMG, wish I could get my hands on some Panama Red seeds, they are out there but very, very pricey. :green_heart: :seedling:


Havent really got the perpetual goin yet, these plants have been keeping me busy since i started them in october @Onlythebest79


Yes i was thinking of monster clones from it, its the only seed i had


Nice plants. Love the colors they are throwing


Thanks diesel. Sure are nice colors @Dieselgrower


Hey hog and majik @Majiktoker @Hogmaster
I got a male OG Kush that sprouted 12-1-17. When is the pollen ready to be collected? He has been outside and is pretty much the only survivor, been hitting real low temps like 30s at night and they got uprooted from wind.
I want to pollenate my acapulco gold female with og kush male


Yes you will love Gorilla Glue. A friend of mine grew some a year or two ago and shared and it is probably in my top five. Enjoy your grow and then enjoy your meds.


Good stuff! :+1::+1: @Dr.DankThumb420


@ktreez420 seen you had some revegging plants awhile back… well anyways on post #432 lil bit up the thread are the plants im hoping to reveg… do i have to take the main buds off when flipping back to 18-6


Great job! The plants look awesome :+1::+1::+1::+1::fist:t5::clap:t3:


Thanks man, things seem to be on track so far. @soilman837


Queen Kong



Beautiful harvest leaves! :heart_eyes:


They are looking good and I wouldn’t mind trying a little one them.


Yeah man they are super frosty. If i had to guess the gorilla glues are 25-30% thc range and the two sativas are at least 18-22% thc range. @Onlythebest79


Seeds mature in 3-6 weeks


Thanks majik, i shouldve been a lil more specific but how long from sprout does it take for male to be mature enough to release pollen? I have a male that sprouted 12-1-17 and wondering if i chop it now, and put in freezer later, will their be pollen in the pods so i can use it later to pollinate some plants?
Glad to see u around my friend… My plants have took off since last u saw @Majiktoker


Thanks bud, not necessarily, males have a little more to them than that, if possible get him in his own area wait for the Howe pods to open up and blossom out little white flowers, these little whit flowers will release out what looks like dust sometimes tan color and some times white, thats the pollen once at that point you can remove them and store the pollen