Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


boy that would be great!
you may get more!


You think so? And its 2:03 am on the west coast, i just watered girls , had a snack and about to roll a fatty ! @BIGE u might wanna get your guess in these gals only have so much longer lol


lol,let me bake on it a minute!


Haha, plenty of pics to hulk over. My girls should feel lucky they arent ready yet, cuz whenever im around its like being in the presents of the Grim Reaper, never knowing how close they are to death lol @BIGE


yes,lol @Dr.DankThumb420 my gals seem to know the reaper is near! lol


Lol… death is iminient. Let me know what your guestimate is… what kind of blunts you smoke E? I always smoke hemp most of the time but am enjoying some natural tabacco leaf with my herbs atm. @BIGE


i roll rice paper joints but looking into a bong of some sort!
average of 5.31oz per plant dryis my guess


Im hoping for at least 6 oz per plant or more. @BIGE
Have u ever tried a King Palm


Zig zag natural leaf @BIGE


no, i have not


They are a natural leaf from singapore rainforest dubbed the worlds best smokeable leaf. Lil on the pricey side, 3.99 for 3 pack , but they come with corn husk filter. They have an organic pack for a dollar more, but the 3.99 pack is basically organic just doesnt say it, and they grow the corn husk along with leafs in a clean self sustained environment non gmo all natural. My favorite of the leafs. And they are all ready rolled just stuff with the very handy wooden packing tool that comes with them. I figure pay more for hemp or king palms so i can get a healthier smoke… oh and they are bigger then regular blunts @BIGE


Great looking plants brother she has some height to her. Great looking structure as well


Pure Red Sativa. Buds are looking super frosty, but kinda small. Im hoping for 4 oz off her… man im at the point where i want to chop them down and they are not even close yet lol.

Her Main Bud


hang in there @Dr.DankThumb420 she may go into overdrive!


Im hoping. More smoke lol @BIGE


Im fixin to start next grow… got a few beans…


Gorilla Glue #4 aka queen kong purpled up nicely

Purple purple leafs. Now the bud needs to purple up lol


She wont fit in one pic anymore.

Some Bud Action

More Bud Action


All LED Gorilla Glue #4 Main Top


Seems like you are always moving plants in your flower room. I guess thats the true meaning of perpetual grow but anyways keep up the great work.