Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


Gave this girl a full strength feeding of 1000 ppms (if i remember correctly)followed by plain 6.5 water 20 minutes after intial saturation. She spit out around 1750 ppms and is looking so plump today.

Main cola… man im loving this pure red sativa… gonna have to try to monster crop this strain as well as the other 3 plants… this pure red sativa could very well be panama red


Gorilla glue buds

They are turning purple

Frosty and purple

Good shot from above, can see more purp

Her main head

I think im gonna love the gorilla glue. It sure is better looking then the buds i got the seeds from, but nonetheless they were fire


The big gorilla and the other pure sativa i have are going to get fed full strength just like the pure red sativa girl tomorrow. The smaller gorilla will get just mammoth p and bud xl since shes already at 2000 ppm, but not a yellow leaf on her


Stacking up nicely! @Dr.DankThumb420


Yes they sure are. Tonight they get fed so they are going to really bulk up @WillyJ


Girls are about to eat after i eat lmao.
Full strength Cali Pro Bloom A and B , Full Strength Honey Chome, Full strength Supre myco tea 0-0-6, Double Strength Mammoth P, Full strength BudXL… have cut out the Emerald Goddess plant tonic and the King Kola for the next few waterings since the bud xl replaces king kola and the emerald goddess is 2-1-4 and is just extra, can be used as stand alone nute.
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Pre op pics lol


Sweet I must say


Thanks man. My 3rd time so far growing @Onlythebest79


Looking good! Should be some great meds @Dr.DankThumb420


Thanks willy, yours too… man this grow was not expected to turn out like this… i was frustrated with my last grow and just tossed the beans one night into some water next night they had a big white tails so i planted them not thinking much on it. @WillyJ


Thanks man the next ones to go in flower are all ilgm genetics…should be awesome @Dr.DankThumb420


I have two ladies, an og kush and a gorilla glue that im going to reveg by putting them outside probably by next month. Hopefully all goes well. I might be able to pull of another indoor grow with all LED but the summer heat is real intense so its a maybe lol.

Og kush back, gorilla glue up front


They get real bushy after they reveg…


How much bud do u remove? Just a pinch of the main one ? @WillyJ


I took mine in th 2nd week and I snipped them off yours are bigger


Yeah… man i got 2 pine warp seeds and a seed from the half lb im smokin on… some type of skunk… my homie has some blue cheese cake autos he gonna shoot me @WillyJ


Just watered two girls. The all led girl felt a lil heavy still so tomorrow she gets watered.

Did some prevention work, shes now not leaning all the way over any more. I was afraid of going in there and the whole plant being snapped in all direction since buds were leaning in all directions plus this is the girl i broke half off in early veg… she wouldve been double the size if it werent for that, shed be taking up the pure red sativa girls slot and hers if she hadnt broke




not much,trying to shake the morning blues! lol
those gals are looking great @Dr.DankThumb420
lol,staring at the long legged gal you have!


Thanks E. Im guestimating 4-8 oz per plant ?. And which one lol @BIGE