Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


Pure Red Sativa

Her main top

Shes looking to be packing on the weight and frost. Tomorrow she gets 3.8 ml Bud Xl, 5 ML Cal/mag and 5 ML Potassium Silicate supplement, and 1 teaspoon of 0-0-6 supre myco tea… its loaded with beneficial bacteria and is also 6% molasses microbe food


Beautiful colors :nerd_face:, I love the pictures :grinning:


Thanks i cant wait for them to be done @M4ur


boy,i really liked the GG i grew @Dr.DankThumb420
i believe you will enjoy as well!


Yeah i do too. Shes sooo stinky and delicious looking. The shorter All Led Gorilla Girl has a sweet citrusy limey fruity pebble smell, the big one has a loud skunky limey pungent cheesy smell. Im counting the days @BIGE


Buds are getting heavy

Lower bud

Lower bud on main stem


A cola

A lower bud

The white specs on buds is dry wall that made its way onto my buds when i was cutting hole in ceiling. Was blown off after pics. Comes off real easy and is not a problem

Another cola

Another cola

Lower bud

Lowest bud


Also did u guys notice the big gorilla girl is turning purple as well ! Hard to tell with hps and led on but she is


Looking good and I think I’m going to put in an order for some gorilla glue seeds. I haven’t had any since I went to Vegas this summer. That’s some really good smokes


It sure is good. I cant wait to enjoy some of it… gonna let it amber up alot @Onlythebest79


Gonna be picking up everything i need tomorrow to get some monster cropped clones off all ladies… thinking 5-10 clones per plant to keep the buds rolling in this outdoor season


Dude you are going to have some super sticky icky buds Woohoo
Love that gg make sure you have a few sets of shears ready when harvest time comes
That stuff will clog your shear up quickly
I keeped 3 sets and rubbing alcohol to keep mine clean had to clean them after a few minutes of trimming hahaha


All of your girls look awesome dude. Gonna be some of that ooeey,gooey


WOW! and some more characters.


Beautiful @Dr.DankThumb420 the girls look great!


Thanks man. Just got back with supplies for clones… now just have to figure out cloning area because im all flowered out in both spaces but really want to keep the genectics going… can i get clones with buds to root first then switch to reveg? @WillyJ

My local hydro store threw in the extra peat plugs for free and the roots excuriator sample for free and they gave me a hefty discount on the root riot and dome and i bought a grinder with the store logo which was generously discounted


Not sure about that…I went straight back to 18/6 @Dr.DankThumb420 but I will bet @Donaldj will have the answer to that…


Im just gonna fix me a lil reveg area with 24/7 lights and root and reveg all at once @WillyJ


Nice grow brother now that is a nice gg4. I’ve got a buddy sending me some gg seeds. It is my favorite night time med


Thanks. She sure is a beauty. There both at the stage where they are really starting to pack on the weight… will be good comparison on yields between the gorilla in main tent with mixed hps cmh and led light vs the all led gorilla she has 3 king plus 800w to herself. The gg4 are heavy eaters @Dieselgrower