Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


The other sativa girl with yellow but no spotting


What’s your soil ph? Sounds like she’s not eating


All led gorilla perfectly happy with no yellow


They all test out 6.5 … gonna go get some calibration fluid so i can double check with pen… just been using the dropper test kit. I think ph needs to be 6.3


If your ph is good cal-mag should take care of that…give her a week… @Dr.DankThumb420


I’d double check your meter just in case…going in low and coming out that high she’s not using what’s there…keep watering at correct ph and give her time keep checking when ppm under control start to feed her again…how far in are you?


5 weeks and a day since transplant and switch to flower. So just keep givin the all led gorilla plain water till ppms are in check? Whats a good range? I have been giving plain water at 6.5 ph and 450 ppms from tap after 24 hours sitting out…

As for others calmag and silica plus bloom boosters. I think this should fix them


If she’s not showing any bad deficiencies not looking hungry and is doing fine I’d just keep giving her water until ppms are around 900 then feed her…when in mid to late bloom ppms should be anywhere from 1000 to 1600 but ive been up to 1800 or so


Ok will do. Yeah i figured it was a calmag issue with all the yellowing but didnt want to raise ppms any higher. So plain water for gorilla glue under leds untill ppms hit 900-1000, and cal-mag with silica mammoth P and Bud Xl at half strength plus the half strength base bloom nutes with half strength base booster @WillyJ i believe the two sativa sisters are at around 1300-1500 ppms but look to be needing cal-mag plus silica so half strength plus im gonna run a gallon plain water after feeding to keep ppm below 2000. I think thats their problem they want to be close to 2000 ppm but only at 1200-1300 right now so will give them half strength everything next water/feed


Ya Think?! Soooo Sativa. Just beautiful! Love those skinny girls. Outstanding @Dr.DankThumb420.


Thanks… the buds smell amazing already @oleskool830


The LED girl! This one was topped yes? So healthy and robust.


Yes she was only topped once. Her sister as well… the random girls were both fimmed lol. Thanks they sure are looking good @oleskool830
But all plants were super cropped


this is my current Gorilla Glue #4 2×4 closet grow. I got the Gorilla Glue #4 strain as a clone, with very good genetics. Apparently the plant that supplied me with this clone, yielded 12 ounces, pretty good genetics nonetheless. Lol im using a sun system hood fixture with a built in ballast, so i can use 250 watt bulbs or 400 watt bulbs. Im using a 400 watt hortilux blue MH bulb. I was going to use it all the way threw, cause i know this bulb has alot of the blue spectrum, cause it’s obviously a metal halide bulb, but it also has a good amount of red light spectrum. If need be, i will just buy a hps bulb for bloom. I just went into flower 2 days ago, so that’s why im asking, times starting to run out. And again im a beginner, this is my second grow, so be gentle my friends lol


The plant on the far left is Gorilla Glue #4, the other two where random seeds my buddy gave me, he said he grew a couple and the bud quality was great, but that doesn’t mean im going to have the same seeds from the same strain he grew, nonetheless, my plants are looking very healthy thus far. Lol


Looking great keep it up… and i think the hps would be better for hps, although i myself have used a 315w CMH 3100k bulb from start to finish and they love it… using both led cmh and hps atm @Drivela88


Dr. Dank, what do you think of my Gorilla Glue #4 plant, Its the plant to the far left. The other two are random strains. I got her as a clone, she has been very healthy all the way threw, i supercropped her twice, and trimmed the unnecessary fan leaves before i put her into flower two days ago. Now im just waiting and searching everyday to see if the plants are showing there sex of a male or female. I know the Gorilla Glue #4 is a female due to her being a clone, but the other two where giving to me as seeds and i have no clue what strains they are, im trying my best to avoid letting one of my plants( if one turns out being a male) to pollinate my Gorilla Glue #4. That would be the worst case scenerio lol im using a sun system 250/400 watt hood fixture with built in ballast, and a hortilux blue 400 watt MH bulb. And fox farms ocean forest soil is what i used at seedling stage and when i switched to bigger pots,i used strawberry fields soil. This is my first (actual grow), so im still getting used to this whole trial and error thing lol i think i have done pretty good so far. I use a base fed nutrient, with some micro nutes like seaweed, black diamond, and cal mag.


She looks great. As do the others. Keep doing what your doing its working lol @Drivela88


Led Gorilla Glue

Bud spot

Her main top

Shes turning purple all over.

Bud spot under main cola

Close up of main top

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1000w hps hooked up again. Buds are already flopping over on the big gorilla girl so i might have to tie them back cuz the 1000w gonna kick them into over drive