Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


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Thanks brother.


Can i ask you about gorilla glue i was thinking about doing thm nxt in auto can you give me any useful info that will help me please.


Mine are photos. They seem to love the light alot and have a high tolerance for abuse. They are growing pretty slow atm, but seems like the last ones in soil grew faster into a mature plant, this could be my fault from not phing my water from the start. They stretch alot too once triggering flower, mine stretched into a 3 to 3 1/2 foot tall plant 12 12 from seed within a matter of 2-3 weeks, so hopefully u have some headroom, these plants will get big. @Mikos


Thanks @Dr.DankThumb420 . I will try them am keen once i get my first ever grow done. Can you tell me if i was to drop my fan and it took off a bit of leaf well a pretty big bit infact nearly a whol leaf got sliced off. Will my girl be ok or should i worry that i might lose her she is also got a mag deficiency aswell at the moment. So any advice or tricks tips anyone has that can help i appreciate it. My ph etc is all sorted now its just a time thing now to see if the deficiency has gone. And i go and drop my fan and it near kills it.


Can you post a picture so i can better visualize whats going on? Cannabis plants are pretty resilient and hearty plants that can and will take a beating to a certain extent. Imo i think if you keep ph in check and dont add any extra stress it should pull threw @Mikos


poor girl man am gutted what an ass i am.


Your plants going to be fine lol. From what i can tell it looks to have quite a few nodes of leafs. The lower leafs tend to start dying once plant gets older anyways so nothing to be worried about imo. @Mikos


Thank you @Dr.DankThumb420 :sweat_smile: good this is my first grow and first ever plant . Growing up i always killed the house plants. But after i got ill i was told about these amazing plants and how much they can help in loads of ways. And was told i should get a hobby aswell so what better way to kill two birds with one stone and here we are and apart from these two issues ive had. I must admit i am enjoying growing my own medicine . And meeting new people along the way is going to be amazing and thanks for all the help and advice from @Dr.DankThumb420 and other people too. Thank you all


She’ll be fine.


No problem. If u need some more help just let me know


I would put em in bigger pots but that’s me!! Thay will come good :blush: :metal:t2::metal:t2::metal:t2:


Put what in bigger pots? My current seedlings or the upcoming 40? Planned on using what i have on hand @Caosred


Seedlings :seedling:


Ive had high success rate with these cups. They are my favorite, very easy to transplant to new pots and i can put many holes in the sides assuring plenty of air to roots. Ive had massive white root balls doin this, its a tried and trued method for me. I can get them about 1- 1 1/2 foot tall with many nodes in these cups depending on strain before they roots run out of room, and they dont rootbound. But thanks for the suggestion appreciate the thought. Look up my acapulco gold thread should give you a good idea of the cups. @Caosred


Ok :ok_hand: man will do :blush:


Can you let me know your thought and any help and advice you can give me on these pair i will be extremely grateful.

am a bit worried one of the girls has had more leaves turn yellow and i flushed her like i was advised but she still went yellow on 3 of the bottom leave and as u can see the upper ones are starting to turn aswell .


In soil , when you start seeing a problem it’s been there anywhere from 1-2 weeks. So when you figure it out it also takes time to see the results.
Also if you’ve flushed her (depending how much) she could be out of nutes.


I flushed her last week maybe 4days ago al need to double check the date. But thanks. @Nug-bug appreciate ur help.


Yeah its been 3days but its not quite soil they are in its a mix and its more like soilless av been told. Cause its got a coco coir in it i had to sort the ph etc which av done but am worried i guess i am like a first time parent lol. Well i am when it comes to growing as until these 2 av never grew a plant in my life. Killed many but grew some nope. S one that i named charlie she the worst affected and she seems to be getting worse but she still growing nicely thou the other one coco she was the biggest to start with but now she aint.