Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


This is the bulb it was brand new in box never used @WillyJ


It is an ultra sun bulb


It is a 140,000 lumen bulb


Im looking for some pictures of mine ive grown them a few times i moved all ky photos off phone so as soon as i fune them ill
Post a pic for you
Your ladies look great brother
I love the gg its a good night time smoke


Looks like a good one…very similar spectrum as the hortilux :+1::+1: @Dr.DankThumb420


i’m going to try getting at least two more runs out of vivosun lamp…
hortilux bulb is in my basket…i’ll let them sweat about it …lol
maybe they will cut me a break…l.ol


My first run with them @BIGE well worth the extra money and there are sales I paid $85 a pc for 1000w hps…the agromax worked great for 3 runs…excited to see final results with the hortilux


Yo @Majiktoker if you get a chance check out these monsters bro. I have come a long way since i first joined


Hey willy i watered my led gorilla girl with ph 6.5 water and ppms were 450 and she spit out 10% runoff at 2220-2240 ppms, she doesnt seem to have any problems or yellow leafs so im gonna leave her be , i think she will get some plain water next run with just mammoth p and bud xl full strength…


@WillyJ yeah the big gorilla and two randoms im gonna water them next water with full strength cal/mag plus silica and full strength mammoth p and Bud XL. When i do water im Gonna water them with a gallon of the nute mix and then water with phd 6.5 plain water like 15 minutes after the nutes get absorbed for them all. Im gonna try watering and feeding like this, seen @yoshi doing something similar and it helps to keep salt build up down.


Ya I would give her just water and some microbes until she uses up some of those nutes


Shes turning purple, is she trying to use whats in her stock or what lol @WillyJ


Your good bro let it roll


Thats how i got where i am. Going with the flow lol. So how would you play this off @Countryboyjvd1971 read the last 5 post and the few i posted over at @WillyJ thread


Ill give it a read bro
Looks like she starting to eat her self signs of your getting closer lol
Also what are night time tent temps ?
Give me a few to read three all the posts and catch up a bit i follow a lot of thread hahahah


Is that the gg turning purple
I would definitely let the one at above 2000 ppm use some of the nutrients before feeding


What’s your temps at night? She may be showing a deficiency but I wouldn’t do anything at this point just let her do her thing she’s looking good I got two that are showing some yellowing and reddish purple on a few leaves I gave them a dose of cal-mag and it’s not getting any worse…I may have to bump up there feeding once before I stop feeding this grow I’m adding the overdrive supplement


Yeah its the all led gorilla girl that is turning purple… Temps are lowest like 59-61 lights off… she is cannabalizing herself like that on like 4 or 5 tops… she just got watered plain water 6.5 450 ppm and spit out 10% runoff at 2220-2240 ppms… on the big gorilla her ppms were over 2000. I thought she had salt build up but the leafs arent really looking nute burned but i already flushed her down to 750 ppms… i think shes actually hungry her leaves are yellowing like its nitro def or calmag def. So im gonna hit her with full strength cal mag and silica and full strength bloom boosters next water… then half strength bloom nutes after that… as for the two random girls same thing full strength mammoth p and bud xl with full strength cal mag plus silica. And then next water half strength bloom with boosters , hows this sound @Countryboyjvd1971 @WillyJ


The big gorilla with yellowing @Countryboyjvd1971 @WillyJ


The random girl. ( red sativa ) has yellowing with brown spots and purple stems