Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


This girl is showing a really nice light pink/ red hairs but shes nowhere near being done…I believe she has hindu kush in her genetics. She also seems to be very sativa dominant, im thinking 90%

Side bud

Her main bud

Other buds

Shes taking her time to flower.

Shes starting to build up frost.
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Full update below. Many pictures. Enjoy


The Gorilla Glue #4 Aka Queen Kong

Buds looking like they are filling in. Wont be too long before i fire the 1000w back up to kick things into gear. Nearing week 5 since transplant and switch to 12-12 for all plants.

Tomorrow they are gonna get a good amount water to hopefully cleanse them out… then when the hps comes back on i will water them in with half strength nutrients and some full strength mammoth and Bud XL… this is her main top. They look fuller each day

A lower shoot

Another low cola

My gorilla glue @Countryboyjvd1971


This girl is sativa dominant as well.


All Led Gorilla Glue. I can certainly see the difference in the sizes of buds, any branch that was super cropped the buds are huge.

Budspot just below the main top

Main top

The other gorilla @Countryboyjvd1971


Good stuff :+1::+1: @Dr.DankThumb420


You got any pictures of your gorilla finished product @WillyJ


Not sure I’ll check


Here you go @Dr.DankThumb420





Found a few :wink:


My trimming skills needed improvements lol @Dr.DankThumb420 it was really good…one of my first plants ever…what got me interested in growing


Sure is frosty… looks like it was good… hey willy how far are your 1000w from plants and whats the closet you can get them too plant without damaging it? @WillyJ


Directly under light 16-18" …off center not directly under I’ll let them get closer but start out higher and work your way closer you’ll find the sweet spot…no need to get overly close there’s a fine line to close will effect quality…with the 1000’s they will do well at 24" so play around see how she reacts @Dr.DankThumb420


Well im at 12 inches right now, but will be redoing lights and i was hoping to get at least to 24 inches from main tops directly under light. but was told by a good friend that 24 inches is kinda cutting it close, he said 3 foot is where he trys to stay close too


Also what kind of bulbs? I’m finding the hortilux bulbs are more forgiving and produces a much more quality light spectrum than the agromax bulbs I was running…Also the hortilux are 140,000 lumens and most are 150,000 which really only matter to humans lol @Dr.DankThumb420


Like I said play around…you may find you can get a little closer…3’ ? You can get closer don’t be scared :wink: lol what kind of bulb makes a big difference…I’m finding that out this grow with these hortilux I got a feeling I’ll be sticking with these by the looks of this grow…


yes,please!! lol some great looking flower @WillyJ


Well she was under it at 12 inches but i had turned it off because i knew it was too close lol. I seen slight curl of leaves indicating heat stress/ too strong of light. Im thinking 24 to 30 inches should be fine. But im limited to space. These babys are coming up on 7 ft