Back At It Again, Dr Danks Gorilla Glue #4


Going to be some big colas :+1::+1:



Yes sir I’m trying to be like everybody else. I’m a big copy car and thanks my man


No bud rot ever for this guy! Nugs are evenly spaced :grimacing: lol but seriously tho that plant is tall! What size light and what height is the light?



Not me i gotta do my own thang


Nah no rot for me my humidity stay below 50% and she barely started flowering once the buds swell she will have some great colas. Shes about about 6 foot tall and the other 2 are 6ft as well. 600w marshydro 1000w hps in the middle but its off until week 5 and 315 sunburst cmh


I kno I was just saying for guys in small spaces and their buds are on top of eachother etc. everything has its advantages :+1:


Yeah these plants are sativa dominant so they stretched alot since repotting and flipping light scheldue… They were only about 1 to 2 feet tall initally. Luckily i have the room. The tent is like 92x48 and 3 plants are bulging out of it. The plants are almost taller then tent its 7ft. Im in the desert so high humidity is not a issue. Next grow gonna do some lst keep them lower and wider @AmnesiaHaze


Lights are about 24 inches away from tops in tent… on the other gorilla she gots two 800w kings above her about same height


you have them looking great as always @Dr.DankThumb420


Thanks E im trying @BIGE


What strain is that the big one :point_up:


Gorilla glue #4 in the middle of tent, and random strains beside her… im told they are blue dream @Caosred


Colas are filling in. Cant wait till they swell up

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Scroll down many new bud shots


The two gorilla glue girls sure are frosty, and the buds look to be bigger and more progressed then the other 2 plants even tho they got same everything and switched same time. I can see the buds are starting to swell on the all LED gorilla girl on the branches that were super cropped.


Cant wait to smoke the gorilla glue. They smell so dank when the buds are disturbed or when rubbing the stems. Temps have been low hoping they have it in them to turn purple on the buds